Put the “Pro” in Procrastination

Put the “Pro” in Procrastination

Alex Luther

Admit it: at some point, you’ve decided something–ANYTHING–would be better than studying. Chances are you probably should be studying now, but instead you’re reading this article on procrastination instead. Just in case you are struggling to find that one thing, the perfect outlet for pure procrastination, we figured we would give you a helping hand.

Facebook: It’s one of those things you don’t ever want to get sucked into. Like you never even try, you avoid it, and like gravity it pulls you in with no escape… 

Twitter: There’s no better way to stay up to date with your favorite celebrities, athletes and friends. It’s too easy to skim the feeds and fire off a tweet of your own about what you’re doing, which may or not actually be about procrastination. 

SnapChat: Those filters though! Somehow the best selfie lighting is always in the “procrastination” setting. Maybe they should make a procrastination filter?

Instagram: Because we all know we would rather be on a hike in the Andes mountains than studying for our physics midterm, or anywhere else for that matter. So instead we will stalk a travel Instagram account.

Tumblr: Even if you aren’t a tumblr user, you benefit from tumblr posts and the humor. Don’t even try to deny it.

Pinterest: We all know pinning sprees are a thing and that doing them at midnight, the night before a midterm or final is basically a requirement. No shame.

YouTube: Literally the thought process every time you’re procrastinating, “Maybe a video about _________ (insert productive subject related noun here) will help me study!” and 37 clicks later you’ve somehow found your way back to how animals eat their food and then to the hard hat challenge.

Netflix: What’s stranger? Watching every episode of Stranger Things or studying for midterms any time other than the night before?

Text: Because procrastinating by yourself isn’t enough; you have to distract your friend in another room so they feel the same pain. Even if they don’t text you back, just keep rolling…

Food: Self-explanatory.

Hobbies: Because a round of hoops or some music are always better than a stack of flashcards. Plus, we all want to perfect that trick shot and now is the perfect time.

Friends: They celebrate your procrastination in such a way that no one else ever could. Friends are a true procrastination support group.

Spinning Chairs: They’re like Disneyland, but with no debt regret!

Sleep: We get to live under this façade that by sleeping, we will be well rested for a test and remember content better…right? Isn’t that a thing?

This Article: We all know the real reason you’re here right now. It’s no coincidence this list is about procrastination and falls on the week of midterms. Good luck!

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