Keeping Beavs Safe

Keeping Beavs Safe

Maddie Bradshaw

As college students we all want to feel safe when walking around campus. Whether it be 2 p.m. or at 2 a.m., the Oregon State Campus has many safety features to help students feel comfortable on their own campus. To avoid being in an unsafe situation, here are some tips on how to stay safe in these upcoming months when on the Oregon State campus.

One of the main concerns students have is walking around campus at night. It’s dark outside and people do not know what is around each corner. Luckily, Oregon State offers Saferide Shuttle Services provided by ASOSU. This is a free service that all students have access to. Students can call or request a ride through the app titled, “TapRide”. Saferide hours are from 7:00 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. They are open seven days a week for students.

There are many other safety features on campus that are not as widely known as Saferide, but just as beneficial. An example is the Blue Light Emergency System. You may have seen the blue lights on campus. If a student feels unsafe in any situation while walking through campus they can simply push the button and immediately get in contact with law enforcement officials. This allows students to feel more safe when walking alone at night.

The last unique feature that Oregon State University Public Safety offers is a jump-start system. If a student is stranded somewhere with a broken down car near campus, they can call Public Safety to jump-start their car. This is a free service offered by the university.

Safety tips like these could help students avoid an unsafe situation. Being aware of all of the safety features that Oregon State has to offer can save a student from a dangerous situation. With the proper knowledge and awareness of resources on campus, students can feel safe and at home when walking around at all hours of the day. Stay safe Beavs!

Photography by Haining (Will) Wu