Get Organized – Stay Organized

Brittni Cooper

The beginning of the school year is always a fresh start, so what better time then now to get organized? BD has come up with some of our best tips to get organized and stay on track. Here are five ways to ensure you stay (somewhat) organized this year!


Get one. Now. Write down your class schedule, work schedule, and homework in a planner so you do not double book yourself or miss an important assignment. Keeping a planner with you at all times will help relieve stress by keeping your life organized and under control.


There is nothing worse than completing an assignment and then losing it amongst the chaos of life. Organize the files on your computer in folders so nothing gets lost this school year. Looking to file assignments by hand? Check out these cute, DIY files on!  


Keeping all of your books, notebooks, and planner organized is a major key. is home to a plethora of products, so of course the company carries a variety of backpacks on their website. Some of Amazon’s backpacks also come at a decent price so check them out and find one you like!


A planner is a great point of reference, but it cannot “ding” to remind you about an advisor meeting you have later this afternoon. Set reminders in your smartphone to warn you in advance about upcoming appointments and activities so you do not miss anything important. A white board in your room is also a great way to stay informed and reminded. Check out these DIY white boards on!


Keeping your personal space clean is essential to leading an organized life in college. If your room is clean, chances are you are not going to lose your keys or wallet and be late for class. Do not let your messy room serve as a distraction!

Staying organized may seem like a grueling task, but it will definitely be worth the steps to do it. The little ways you establish a more structured life will show in other aspects of your life, such as in your grades. Commit to being organized by getting organized and staying organized. We hope these tips get you on the right track to success this fall!

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