March Madness is just around the corner!

Believe it or not, February is abruptly coming to an end. As March awaits just around the corner, there lies a plethora of exciting events to look forward to. Not only is the OSU community looking forward to the end of another term and a week of warm vacationing during spring break, but grab those laces and pull them tight, March Madness is coming!

This basketball-crazed tournament is only fit for those who love the game, love competition, and sometimes love the thrill of winning and losing money. March Madness was founded in 1939 and includes 68 college basketball teams fighting for the national championship. It is more then just the game that makes people excited for this three weeklong extravaganza.

March is the season of guessing and hoping to pick the upsets. People fill out brackets that break down the teams playing in the tournament. Each game one chooses who they think will win and advance to the next round. The games are single illumination, meaning the loser is out of the tournament. Finally, the tournament breaks down to the final four, and the championship. Picking brackets is all about picking those upsets. Teams are ranked based on how they did in their division during the season. There are always upsets. Number 6 teams beat number 5 teams; number 14 teams beat number 3 teams. It is all a matter of luck, and of coarse some strategy for those picking a winning bracket. Sometimes, people do not even pick “their” team, because they have to be “realistic” in their choices. March Madness is nothing shy of a fun game; it is a serious competition between basketball teams and also people picking brackets.

So far, students on campus have yet to choose their brackets or even think about March Madness. There is still a few more weeks before the tournament begins. For many college students, it is hard to even look past finals right now, however some people are already getting riled up for these exciting events. Do not wait to fill out those brackets and get those bets rolling; brackets are released on Sunday, March 13th. So who’s it going to be? Who will be the team this year that messes up all those brackets because of an insane upset, or who disappoints with a last second shot, or who wins it all? Start making those decisions and get excited for the madness that surrounds March.

By: Ali Jorgensen