V-Day at Starbucks!

V-Day at Starbucks!

Although it may be a bit chilly outside here in Corvallis, is it ever too cold for a Frappuccino? Absolutely not! The answer to a cold Valentine’s Day is a sip of sweet caffeine with our secret menu Starbucks drinks! 

Here are some of our favorites!

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Order a delicious Cotton Candy Frappuccino. It’s the perfect amount of pink for this heart holiday, it’s delicious and superbly sweet. Plus it tastes just like cotton candy!

The Raspberry Carmel Macchiato is another treat worth trying, with a hint of pink it can’t be beat! It’s excellent for coffee lovers who are looking for a little bit of sweetness on this Valentines day.

Who doesn’t love a White Mocha? How about a Raspberry White Mocha? No matter if it’s hot or cold it’s still sensational. Start your morning with this yummy treat and you won’t be disappointed. 

Valentine’s Day at Starbucks can be shared with a loved one or you can come treat yourself with a cup of coffee made with a little love! 

By: (Your BD Barista) Madeline Bright

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