Sweet Treats in Corvallis

Sweet Treats in Corvallis

Corvallis is home to quite a few sweet treats. It is hard sometimes as a college student to venture outside the library and go out onto the streets of Corvallis. Well, you won’t regret it because what is hidden in the secret streets of Corvallis are some of the best little bakeries. If you are looking for the best, most delicious, mouth-watering treats to fit that sweet tooth you have come to the right place.

It is surprising sometimes to remember there is more to Corvallis then just the big and beautiful campus. A good way to unwind is to find a small café and enjoy a cup of coffee or maybe some hot chocolate, and a nice pastry. Bakeries are the best place to find that little piece of heaven. The following are some of the best bakeries in Corvallis.

New Morning Bakery

If you have been in Corvallis for over a year and have not heard of New Morning Bakery, you really need to take a step outside the bubble you’re in and go live life. New Morning bakery is probably one of the most well known spots here in Corvallis. They have delicious beverages including coffee, hot chocolates, tea, and much more. They have everything from fruit salads, to meat sandwiches, to pastas.

They have it all and it is all fantastic. Their treats are the best part hands down. They bake desserts such as cupcakes, muffins, and cinnamon rolls! The atmosphere brings it full circle. It is a great place to do homework or just relax.

Great Harvest Bread Company

Better known then just in Corvallis, Great Harvest Bread Company will be the only place you ever want to buy bread. They hand make and kneed all their own dough. Great Harvest makes seasonal breads and pastries. They have delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and wondrous fruit bars. Everything made at great harvest is made with love and care for your taste buds.

Le Patissier

If you are a fan of the French pastries and food this is where you belong. Le Patissier delicately crafts their food to make you feel like you are in France. This homey atmosphere and divine food creates the perfect amount of French love. They sell out of their best things quickly so do not wait to stop in and experience the great

Eats and Treats

The gluten free human beings of the world listen closely. You need to experience this amazing bakery and restaurant. Being gluten free sucks, there are no kind soft words to explain it, it sucks. But here at Eats and treats not only will you be able to eat real home cooked food again, but you will be able to eat the best treats and deserts ever. Chocolate cupcakes, s’mores bars, cookies, cakes, everything you thought you could not eat? It is all here and all one hundred percent gluten free. Not only for gluten free people though, because these deserts will make you want to eat gluten free the rest of your life. The chocolate chip cookies, as simple as they may sound, are the best things you will ever taste.

There are many more bakeries and cafes in Corvallis but here are just a few to get you started. Get out and adventure, Corvallis is a unique little town and has a lot to offer.


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