Student on the Internet: Thoughts on (Hopefully) Having Your Last Zoom Class

It’s exciting and also worrying. I’m super glad to go back to campus and see people. But I’m also scared of the safety and possibility of COVID spread[ing]. Zoom has been a great tool and I’ve appreciated it this year.

Today marks the last day of spring term classes. This is worth acknowledging not only because we will soon be launching into summer, but also for the reason that it may be our last time having to learn remotely. 

Recently, Oregon State University sent out an announcement about requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for fall term in hopes of holding in-person classes again—which means that we may be attending our last Zoom classes today. Although the pandemic had swept through the world and interrupted our lives unexpectedly more than a year ago, we should be proud of ourselves for making it this far despite the many challenges. The use of Zoom increasingly emerged as a way of adapting to the unprecedented circumstances. We have relied heavily on it for continuing education, employment, social connections and more. 

But upon reflection, understanding that today may be the last time we have to log onto Zoom, will we miss it or are we ready to revert back to normal? Let’s hear what students have to say when asked, “What are your thoughts on (hopefully) having your last Zoom class?”


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