Freaky Fashion from the New Roaring ‘20s

Junior Long Nguyen poses in two separate outfits perfect for a day or zoom university.The second look is for when you actually get out of bed, put on a stylish outfit and go conquer the world.

This year has been a wild ride in every which way possible. While our lives have done a complete 180, so have most of our wardrobes.

2020 and 2021 are judgement free zones, as can be shown through most of our outfit choices. When a few generations down the road dresses up for their spirit days as “The 2020’s,” what will they look like?

Look #1: Business on top, bedtime on the bottom

With most work and school related meetings now transitioned to remote, why waste a good pair of pants for no one to see? Hair and makeup should be done in accordance with the event, along with a nice top and maybe jacket.

However, instead of some slacks, switch them out with your comfiest pair of sweats. No one ever has to know. This way, as soon as you click off of Zoom, you can switch that blouse back into your favorite oversized t-shirt. It’s all about thinking smarter not harder these days.

Look #2: Mask up, but make it trendy

Who knew that wearing a mask in public would turn into the latest trend in fashion? This can be one’s best accessory, in fact for many people it is. Making sure your mask matches your outfit is key, even if you are just running to the grocery store.

Most of us only get one or two outings a day, so every outfit counts. Maybe you want a more neutral look, or you’re looking for a pop of color. There’s a mask out there for every look in the book. Get rid of the disposables, and add cute and trendy masks to your wardrobe!

Look #3: Fashion PJ’s

Since most of us go days without putting jeans on, there’s nothing wrong with making pajamas fashionable. Run to your local Target or shop at your favorite online store for the perfect matching PJ set.

Whether they’re shorts for when it’s warm out or long pants for when it’s cold, make sure your closet is stocked up with the cutest pajamas around. Find your inner fashionista and transpire that energy into comfiness!

Look #4: Dress to impress from home

With big events like weddings and dances being canceled, there’s nothing wrong these days with still dressing up for the occasion at home. Make sure to take lots of pictures and videos, and try to make the event be as fun and meaningful as possible! Grab your bubble of friends and family, put on that nice dress or suit and have a quarantine-friendly gathering.

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