8 chill house plants to liven up your home this winter


By H Beck, OMN Illustrator

We have several hardy winter plants to choose from. Which is your favorite?

Emma Simon

Everyone loves house plants right? And when is a better time to have a splash of plant life in your house than in winter when there is a lack of it outside. Winter is so fun with all of the holidays and with a lack of free time during the season here are some of the best choices to spruce up your home.

1. Aloe Vera – One of the easiest and most reliable plants to add to your collection. Aloe veras come in a variety of types and sizes so you’re sure to find one that fits any room in your house. Because they are so easy to care for, they can practically be left alone in those busy holiday months.

2. Snake Plant – This is another easy to care for plant that is actually recommended to be left alone during the winter months. Although there is a large variety of these plants, their unique shape and bright colors make them a good addition to any room.

3. Christmas Cactus – These are a largely popular house plant and are a fun addition to this list and not just because of their name. They have colorful tube like flowers that have long bloom times. These can add a pop of color to any room and come in a variety of types. However, they do need to be watered on a fairly regular basis.

4. Orchid – These plants are an obvious choice because of the large variety of colors and the fact that they are an easy to care for plant once you know not to over water them. They are an easy addition to any room.

5. Succulents – These come in a huge variety of types, colors, shapes and sizes and need very minimal care and can be placed practically anywhere in a room. They are an easy addition to any room and can add a variety of plant life even in the winter.

6. Jade – These are a very unique variety of plant and are extremely easy to care for. Just place them on a window sill and water them every few weeks and they are good to go. They are a simple addition of plant life in any room.

7. Cacti – These are a lot like succulents, but they can have a variety of bright flowers and are very easy to care for as well. I would however be careful as these do tend to have more sharp points then others and might need to be placed out of reach of pets or children.

8. Rubber Plant – These plants are a larger addition to a room and can grow large if you let them or can stay small if you prune them. They are easy to care for as you can place them almost anywhere and their unique shapes make them a great piece in your rooms.

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