7 free streaming services for your next binge session


By Jacob Le, Orange Media Network

Streaming services dominated the entertainment, film, and TV industry with limitations in viewing from COVID-19. Still, shows like “Tiger King” on Netflix or the release of “Hamilton” on Disney+ kept people engaged and entertained while sheltering at home.

Teresita Guzman Nader, Beaver's Digest Contributor

Looking for a free way to watch your favorite movies and TV shows? Here are seven free streaming services to try in your freetime.


Crunchyroll and Funimation

If you are into anime and would like to watch your favorite anime shows for free on your laptop or smartphone, you will enjoy Crunchyroll and Funimation. Both of these streaming services have a lot of free anime options such as “Demon Slayer”, “My Hero Academia” and “Attack on Titan”.

In an email, Ezra Fischler, first-year environmental sciences major, said his favorite streaming services are Crunchyroll and Funimation.

“My favorite streaming service would have to be either Crunchyroll or Funimation because I watch anime almost exclusively and those are the [two] best streaming services in my opinion for watching anime,” Fischler said. “I would recommend those to anyone that’s into anime and I would probably recommend HBO Pro or Netflix for regular TV just because those seem to have a large selection of shows to watch.”



Kanopy is a streaming service free for students, professors and anyone with a public library card. To start streaming all what Kanopy offers, log in with your university credentials or using your library card.

In an email, Kyle Schrift, third-year psychology major, said his favorite free streaming service is Kanopy because it is filled with many classic movies and other movies that are rare to find in any other streaming service.

“I would recommend Kanopy just because you can literally get all those movies for free with just a library card and you don’t have to deal with the ads either that you might get from a basic Hulu subscription or have to deal with being part of OSU if you want to use the Beaver Movie thing,” Schrift said.



Looking for a streaming service where you can watch famous series such as “The Office”? Peacock is a streaming service free for everyone. You only need an email and password to sign up to access all their shows and movies for free.

Ann Marie Bottita, second-year digital communication arts major, said she remembers when “The Office” was taken off of Netflix, everyone turned to Peacock to watch their favorite show. According to Bottita, Peacock puts a price on their services for a good portion of the show “The Office” and in her experience that has certainly turned people away from using Peacock.

Peacock streams for free “The Office” season one through season five, but season six thought nine need Peacock’s premium plan which is $4.99 a month.

“I would recommend Peacock to anyone who is starting to get into streaming, but there are also other streaming services I enjoy that aren’t strictly movie or TV related,” Bottita said via email. “YouTube and Twitch are two of my favorite platforms which I would consider streaming. They both have endless content that is just as entertaining, if not more than traditional TV.”



Is a free streaming service that does not require an account, you can start watching series and movies on their website from the comfort of your bed. Tubi has ads from their partners which allow their service to stream for free.



Is Amazon’s ad-supported streaming service where you can watch popular TV shows and movies such as new episodes of “Judy Justice.” This streaming service can be watched from Roku or you can use your Amazon account to sign in and watch shows for free, no subscription needed.


Beaver Movie Streaming

Beaver Movie Streaming is a free streaming movie service. New movies are selected every month by on-campus residents. Beaver Movie Streaming is totally free for all Oregon State University students, but in order to use the service students need to be connected to the university’s wifi.

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