12 items you need to add to your graduation bucket list, according to graduating students


By Kayla Jones, OMN Photographer

Oregon State seniors and roommates Emerson Chase (left) and Brooklynn Rawski pose for a picture with dog Winston on the Bald Hill trail in Corvallis, Ore. on May 21, 2022. Going on a hike and exploring Corvallis before graduation was something on Rawski’s bucket list that has now been crossed off.

Agrizha Puspita Sari, Beaver's Digest Contributor

College years have passed. Your time at Oregon State University has come to an end. Below, graduating students have prepared bucket lists for next year’s students to complete before graduating, to ensure they make the most of their college experience.

Some of the benefits of being an OSU student may be lost on you as a senior or graduating student, and there is a long list of things you can do at OSU before you lose access to all the perks. 


Why create a bucket list?

“I think it allows a college student to enjoy their college experience. It gives them an opportunity to be more than just a student but a young person having a great time with new people,” said Brooklynn Rawski, a fourth-year student studying kinesiology at OSU. 

Emerson Chase, a fourth-year student studying environmental science said making a bucket list in his senior year is a good way to help display all of the activities he has yet to experience before the end of his college career. It’s important to create those memories, he said, and to at least try them once.

“I think it keeps you motivated and reminds you of the importance of why you are going to school,” said Brynn Elizabeth Tupper, a fourth-year student studying business information systems. “Sometimes I notice that I want to drop out because a class is too hard, and in order to combat that I make sure that I do something interesting every month to keep me motivated and excited about learning at OSU. It also keeps you sane.”


1. Explore more on-campus events

OSU hosts a variety of events on campus to promote more engaging activities relating to cultures, sports, science and other topics.

“I wish that I would have paid more attention to the announcements or said yes more often when my friends tried to invite me somewhere. I have been so dedicated to my studies that my first two years felt like I was just stuck in my dorm room when I was missing so many fun things on campus,” Rawski said.

She added that she regrets not going to sporting events based on “Oh I don’t like that sport” and missed out on a lot of opportunities to socialize with friends, so she has been trying to make up for all of that during her senior year.

Rawski suggests students go to sporting events before they graduate. 

“Even sports that you’re unsure about,” Rawski said. “I was not a huge fan of wrestling, I knew nothing about it. My friend is a photographer and she had to take pictures of a wrestling meet and OH MY GOSH! Wrestling is actually a lot of fun. We both got really into it.”

Tupper said she wished she had known about events that would happen in the SEC Plaza on the weekends, such as the community market. 

“I was always busy in my studies to notice or take the time to notice special activities that happen throughout the school year,” Tupper said.

Tupper also said she enjoyed going to her first baseball game this term. In addition, she participated in sorority events and Greek events. Most of all, she enjoyed hanging out with her friends around campus, either at the library or in Austin Hall.

She recommended going to the National Pan-Hellenic Council‘s New Member Presentations because they are really cool and you don’t have to be a part of Greek life to attend.


2. Join club-related activities

Many campus clubs may help you with your studies and activities, and often assist students in accomplishing their goals.

“I have truly enjoyed participating in intramural soccer. I played with an all-women’s team freshman year and now a coed team my senior year. It is an opportunity to go out with people each week and just have a really great time while also getting some exercise,” Rawski said.

Chase said that he wished he would have done more club-related activities on campus. He said that he has recently joined an IM club soccer team this spring and it has been a blast, but he wished he got involved in this sort of activity earlier. 

“I would like to attend the French club to practice my French, Tupper said. 


3. Attempt adventure activities

Because Oregon is home to many forests, mountains, lakes and other natural wonders, it is an excellent site to engage in outdoor activities.

“I would like to go on a hike in Oregon. Yes, I’ve been here for almost four years and have still yet to go on a hike, ” Rawski said.

She also said she wants to visit Washington, specifically Seattle, Wash., and can picture a group of her friends getting together for a road trip there.

“Going on a hike with my environmental science class at Bald Hill was a nice memory coming out of the year of COVID-19. I love going to the farmers’ market every weekend on Saturday. Traveling out and exploring the coast with my girlfriend and trying different clam chowders. Going bouldering at McAlexander’s [Fieldhouse] when it’s not busy,” Chase said. 


4. Meet Benny The Beaver

Who hasn’t heard of Benny? In case you do not know him yet, Benny the Beaver is OSU’s official mascot. For all Beavers out there, snapping a photo or hugging him is a must!

“I want to give Benny Beaver a hug or high five! I think he stands for so much fun and positivity at all the sporting events so it would be cool to meet him,” Rawski said.


5. Visit the Farmers’ Market

The Corvallis Farmers’ Market is one of the most interesting places to visit in Oregon. Supporting local Benton County farmers by purchasing locally grown organic produce is a great way to support the larger Corvallis community.

“I want to go to the farmer’s market because I have heard high praises about it and I would love to see what goes on at this market,” Tupper said. 

It’s open from April till Nov. 23, on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The market is located in downtown Corvallis, on First Street between Jackson Avenue and Monroe Avenue.


6. Drive to the Oregon Coast

Oregon is well-known for its breathtaking scenic locations, and beautiful landscapes. The variety of historical landmarks makes it easy to fall in love with the coastal culture and the unique small town. This is a must-do task for those of you not from Oregon!

“I want to visit the Oregon Coast. I am from Orange County, Calif. and I’ve been to California’s Newport Beach but I think it would be really cool to experience Oregon’s Newport,” Rawski said. 


7. Improve your time management skills

Having good time management skills are very important for your future career. Organizing your schedule will help you reduce stress and prioritize your tasks. 

“In my first year of college, I regret being fully invested in the OSU men’s rowing team. The sport ate up a large amount of my time, and I found myself not having any time for other activities on campus, let alone enough time for academics,” Chase said.

Tupper suggests students stay involved while creating a healthy school-work-life balance that works for them so they don’t burn out as much.


8. Find out more about the details of your education and finances

It can be difficult to navigate your specific learning program at times. Having solid and in-depth knowledge of your studies can help you determine the best course of action when you’re trying to make a decision.

“I enrolled in Dual Partnership Program which allowed me to be enrolled at both Chemeketa Community College and OSU, and I thought it was such a great idea for me to save time and money,” Tupper said. “However, DPP nulled the scholarship that OSU was going to provide me, which was something I greatly regretted. I would have still gone to CCC but would have applied to OSU after to make sure that I got the scholarship, hence saving money.”


9. Study and relax everywhere on campus

The overall atmosphere of our campus is definitely perfect for all of us to hang out with friends, whether it’s indoors or outside in the spring, enjoying the sunshine on the green grass and taking pictures with all the blooming flowers.

“I have wanted to study in several different study spots. I am a room-body and find myself going home to study but this year I’ve included studying at the Memorial Union which really allows me to observe and sort of ‘sink in’ to the OSU student life,” Rawski said. 


10. Spend more time with friends

At OSU, we grow with our friends from all over the world that we met on campus. Spending some more time with your friends will not hurt your schedule. Enjoy some drinks with your study buddies before you graduate and create unforgettable moments! 

“I would like to do a senior bar crawl with all my friends before we graduate. I think it would be such a fun night hitting all the bars in Corvallis. I think we’d create some really fun memories,” Rawski said.

Tupper said that she would like to have a picnic in the MU quad or McNary Field on a sunny day because she has always wanted to do it and has been asked to do it before but was busy.


11. Take advantage of the campus facilities

Claim what you pay for in student fees by exploring all the facilities before you leave!

“[I want to] explore the inside of Weatherford because I’ve heard there is an inside library and sauna, as well as tour the radiation center on campus,” Chase said.

Tupper recommended going out and exploring campus and the restaurants on Monroe Avenue because you never know what cool things you could experience or the free food you could get by filling out a survey. 


12. Do your best

Studying hard and isolating yourself in your room is not the only way to enjoy college life. 

Doing your best to achieve your goals is the key to graduating with a bright future. 

“I want to pass my finals because I don’t want my GPA to go down and I am a perfectionist, also I feel like I should do really well on my finals because the topics are relevant to my future career—hence I should know and understand them,” Tupper said. 

Chase said his suggestion for students who are still on campus is to get involved with fun academic clubs and small club sports teams. 

“It’s important to have a good balance of academics and activities to help shape what you enjoy doing while you’re at college for four or so years. Getting into a good rhythm and finding out what you like will create a positive environment for other focuses while on campus,” Chase said.

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