A conversation with Cassady Gilroy


Hailey Knapp, OMN Photographer

Cassady Gilroy, operations manager for diversity and cultural engagement, acting center director for Ettihad Cultural Center this fall term of the 2023 school year. Has a natural affinity for working with international students due to being one himself and hopes students can find a sense of belonging here on campus or experience other cultures.

Abheer Singh, News Contributor

In 2009, Cassady Gilroy arrived at Oregon State University as an international student. 13 years later, he is the new acting center director of the Ettihad Cultural Center, serving students in similar shoes to himself a decade earlier.

Like most of the students who form the ECC community, Gilroy comes from a diverse heritage. 

“My dad’s American. He was born in Portland, Ore.,” he explained. “My mom is from a  country called Sri Lanka though, which is a small island off the coast of India.”

Gilroy lived in Sri Lanka until age 18, when he came to Oregon for college.

Gilroy reminisced humorously that he overlooked visiting the ECC during his time as a student, busy with his work as a resident assistant in the dorms. 

“I really should have because it would have helped a lot,” he laughed. 

Once he graduated, Gilroy worked for INTO OSU, a university partnership program, to increase the number of international students at Oregon State. This is where he first gained experience working with international students of a diverse background, helping them practice English. He noted that his own heritage helped him gain a “natural affinity” for working with international students. 

Gilroy is now ready to apply this “natural affinity” as the new acting center director of the Ettihad Cultural Center. 

“This is truly a beautiful place to just come in, relax, make some new friends,” he said. “My main message is that we are here for you and we are ready to just have some fun and make new connections.” 

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