Where, oh where, to take my date?

The question on everyone’s mind during the week of Valentine’s Day


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Two beavers being cute and in love.

Riley LeCocq, Beaver's Digest Contributor

With valentines, galentines and palentines coming up, the question on everyone’s mind is where that fun or special date place will be. Lucky for you we’ve got you covered. 

Since beautiful hikes and picnics may be questionable during the winter months due to Oregon’s temperamental and chilling weather, there are still many options for outdoor and adventure loving couples. 

A go-to date for environmental science student Ronan Camblin is a coffee date at Allan’s Coffee and Tea on NW Monroe Avenue, paired with a walk around campus with his partner. 

If you are looking to get away from campus, however, snowsports at Hoodoo Ski Area about an hour away provides an affordable option for an adventurous date. Whether you take a two-day late date using the Adventure Leadership Institute’s thrifty Thursday shuttle or take an evening trip up the mountain for a cheaper deal on lift tickets and rentals, this trip would be one for the books. 

Indoor rock climbing also makes for a great adventurous activity, either on campus at Dixon Recreation Center or McAlexander field house or off campus at the Valley Rock Gym in downtown Corvallis. Even if you are a beginner, a climbing date is a sure way to fall for your partner all over again. 

Don’t mind the ambiguous chilly weather? Outdoor mini golf at Beaver Falls Miniature Golf is the hidden gem of date spots in town. The 18 hole mini golf course tucked away just off of Highway 20 is the perfect place for a unique or maybe even competitive date

Enjoy a little bit of mystery? Escape Corvallis located downtown offers escape room experiences for groups of two to 12, perfect for you and yours or a galentines’ night out. With a variety of themes such as happy hour or zombie outbreak, get ready for a fun challenge. 

If looking for a more traditional Valentine’s day though, a dinner date never hurts. 

 “I like stay-at-home stuff,” said Camblin. “A home cooked meal, or like a themed meal and drinks.”

For those who are more culinarily challenged, Corvallis’s Dream Dinners offers pre-prepared meal kits that require minimal skill in the kitchen. 

But for those who do prefer a dinner out – no kitchen skills required – Corvallis has a variety of options in budget and ambiance. 

For the fancier folk, Del Alma located in downtown Corvallis offers an elevated menu inspired by Latin American, Spanish and Caribbean dishes with an “elegant yet warm and inviting dining atmosphere” according to their website. 

If looking for something in between a DIY or formal meal, for both your wallet and attire, Pastini on Ninth Street and Taco Vino or Block 15 downtown provide something a little more than your average dinner but can still get you and yours an evening for under $50. 

If you are looking for a little less action and a little more relaxation, movie nights can still be made special by catching a unique thriller or invigorating documentary at Darkside theater downtown. 

Or if you and your partner are really looking to let the tension melt away, go for a relaxing date at G3 Sports Complex where you can find a hot tub and sauna visit included in the $10 day pass. 

But when in doubt or if you want a quiet time, a night filled with cuddling up at home with a Netflix show and store-bought pizza is a foolproof college date night. 

 “I always like the personal stuff, I’m not a big fan of going out to main restaurants but [rather] trying something more unique and is just about how you feel,” Camblin said.

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