The best memories are made at Block 15


Madison Taylor

Block 15’s Icon Burger, pictured on Feb. 8. Local Corvallis restaurant, Block 15, won Best of Beaver Nation’s “Best Dinner.”

Ginnie Sandoval, News Contributor

They say the best memories are made around the dinner table and if this proverb has any truth to it, then the best memories are made at Block 15.

Corvallis’ popular brewpub, Block 15, recently won Best in Beaver Nation’s “Best Dinner” category. With a plethora of both food and drinks on their menu, students are easily discovering their dinner-time favorites.

“When I was a student, I never imagined I’d create something that landed on a Beaver’s Digest ‘Best Of List!’” said Kristen Arzner, brewing president and co-founder of Block 15. 

The restaurant was opened in 2008 by Nick and Kristen Arzner. The Arzners used their restaurant knowledge and their love for brewing ales to create this student-favorite brewery.

“Oregon State University students are such a huge part of the Corvallis community,” Kristen Arzner said. “As an OSU alum, it means a lot to be voted best dinner in Corvallis. Thank you, Beaver Nation!”

The Arzners describe themselves as beer lovers who started out brewing in their kitchen. It was their love of good beer and their community that inspired them to share their passion.

“It’s exciting for me to have the opportunity to contribute to the student experience off-campus, and I’m really happy Beaver Nation enjoys the food at Block 15,” Kristen Arzner said.

Block 15 usually has a variety of standard and seasonal brews. Combined, they total 17 different brews, and that’s not including their wine, cider and cocktail options or the packaged beer you can purchase separately.

“You would think for a place that’s all about the beer, that the food wouldn’t be that good,” said Harper Wood, a current customer of Block 15. “But the food is delicious. I don’t think we have a set meal that we regularly get. We like to try everything.”

But while there’s a large variety of drinks at the brewery, there is an even larger variety of food. 

“I moved here about a year and a half ago and came to the downtown location when I first got to Corvallis,” said customer Myles Robinson. “That’s where I found out they had this place [the South town brewer location] which is a little bit closer and it’s definitely our favorite place in Corvallis.”

If he’s looking for a special meal in town, Robinson said Block 15 is usually his first choice. 

Block 15 recently opened their newly renovated downtown Caves restaurant in November 2022.  On their website menu, customers can find a vast array of appetizers, salads, sandwiches and burgers, including the kimchi bowl, chicken sandwiches, mac and cheese, meatloaf sandwich and burger choices, including the bánh mì sliders.

As Block 15 continues to grow, over the years, the couple has made sure to hold on to their original vision while continuing their endless pursuit of finding the perfect food and brews.

In February, Block 15 is celebrating bourbon month and will be offering tastings of rare and prized bourbons as well as specialty beers aged in bourbon barrels. During this time, Block will also host beer- and spirit-focused events at its three outposts around Corvallis.

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