After twenty years of service, Rivas Taco Shop keeps shelling out the best


Sabrina Dedek

Paying at the drive through window on January 31st at Riva’s Restaurant on 5th and Harrison in Corvallis. The dinner rush begins.

James Kelley, News Contributor

College students take their cheap eats very seriously, and Beaver Nation is no exception.

Between pizza, hamburgers and just about anything else you might find around Oregon State University, a good old-fashioned taco is what hits the spot most. In a poll conducted by Beaver’s Digest, students voted Rivas Taco Shop as their favorite place to go for a cheap meal.

Open 24 hours, the Mexican restaurant has been catering to college students and the surrounding community since 2003. It was founded by Oscar Rivas, who oversees both locations; one having recently opened in Eugene, to offer University of Oregon students the same cheap eats.

What makes Rivas so successful is its reliability.

“I think our consistency is what makes us stand out, and just how fast we are,” said Jorge Rivas, Oscar’s son. “A lot of places you go, like McDonald’s, you’ll be waiting forty-five minutes to an hour for an order, and we’re always very consistent.”

Jorge has been working for his father since he was just a little kid. He remembers making salsas and taking orders. There remains a strong familial aspect to Rivas’ operation, and it has proved to be effective in Rivas’ success. 

The taco shop sports several “giant burritos,” as they are called on the menu, including unique options such as the Diablo Giant Burrito, which includes shrimp, rice, spicy sauce, cheese and tartar sauce; the Oregon Giant Burrito, which includes carne asada, potato, cheese and pico de gallo salsa; and the Mar y Tierra Giant Burrito, which includes shrimp, carne asada, tartar sauce, rice and cheese.

“My favorite menu item is the Loko Burrito,” Jorge Rivas said. “But instead of steak, get it with adobada or carne asada and green sauce.”

The Loko Giant Burrito is stuffed with bacon, fries, sour cream, guacamole, cheese and a choice of meat.

While their prices are sometimes on the higher end, the goods are well worth it. As the Rivas said themselves, their consistency and timeliness are the reasons people come back. You will get your food exactly how you want it, every time.

The taco shop is perfect for students who are feeling a late-night hankering for some beans and rice or a pollo taco, and is located at 360 NW Fifth St.

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