Goodwill: A place for all the do-it-yourself-ers

Olyvia Neal, News Contributor

Saving money in any way possible is a big part of student life for most of us, and, as such, many students enjoy thrift shopping and buying things second-hand. It is for this reason, for these thrifty students, that we have this category in our yearly best-ofs: thrift stores! This year, Oregon State University students voted Goodwill as Corvallis’ best thrift store. 

Originally founded back in 1902, Goodwill has a long history of providing low cost second-hand items donated by the community. They also provide jobs, aid with job placements and training through their job service program. 

Goodwill is a staple in the life of any avid thrifter or do-it-yourself-er, and an excellent choice for anyone looking for a bargain. If you’re lucky, you may even find brand new or designer items selling for a fraction of their original cost. 

Walking through their aisles, one can find clothing, shoes, electronics, home decor, seasonal items and even furniture in some locations, making them an excellent choice for students furnishing their first apartments or wanting to spruce up their dorm rooms. 

Additionally, for anyone who does happen to have extra things they no longer need, donating your old and gently used items to Goodwill is a much more environmentally friendly way to clean out your living space than just throwing all your old things away. Many of us still have clothing and decor from high school we’ve grown out of, either physically or mentally, so donating said items is an excellent way to give back to your community and environment, while cleaning out your space at the same time. 

Corvallis’s Goodwill location is located on Ninth Street, and is open from 10:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m every day of the week. Their donation hours are the same as their store hours for those hoping to give away some of their older possessions.

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