The seven best off-campus study spots for your upcoming midterms


Zeva Rosenbaum, Beaver's Digest Contributor

Sometimes you just need a change of pace to get those brain cells working. We asked and you answered, so here are the best off-campus study spots according to popular vote:

1. Downtown Starbucks

On the corner of Madison and Fourth, this Starbucks has tons of windows and a nice assortment of seating and outlets so you can charge that tired laptop while you charge yourself with a venti frappuccino. The employees are friendly, and, if you get bored, Kontraband Retro Games is right next door.

2. Coffee Culture on Kings

This cozy location has a great selection of indoor and outdoor seating, free WiFi, and your standard selection of pastries and drinks. They also offer Happy Hour Monday-Thursday from 3-6 p.m. with discounts on beer, wine and cider.

3. Coffee Culture (in general)

Coffee Culture was founded in 1993 with a drive-thru, and now their four Corvallis locations offer a great environment for studying with a tasty drink and pastry close at hand (aside from their no-seating drive-thru). Aside from the King’s location above, they have the Annex on Ninth Street, the downtown location on Jefferson Ave. and the drive-thru at Timberhill.

4. Interzone

This funky little shop right next to campus has comfy seating tucked into its corners and offers breakfast bagel sandwiches, burritos and more alongside their drinks and pastries. The wacky wall art and bright colors provide good vibes for study time.

5. Tried and True

T&T has two locations; one downtown on Madison and one in southtown right off of Fourth. Both locations are aesthetic af and offer indoor and outdoor seating, coffee, and pastries, while the southtown location has even more seating in and out, including the patio that is open year-round (and is heated during the winter). Southtown also offers beer, breakfast and lunch.

6. Allan’s Coffee and Tea

Another spot close to campus, Allan’s offers coffees, teas, and pastries from 7 a.m.-6 p.m. all week. They also have locations in Eugene, which has been open for almost 50 years as well as in Albany, where they test their newest recipes.

7. Bodhi Cafe

Bodhi is always bustling on the weekends, likely thanks to their full menu including breakfast, soup, sandwiches, bagels and more alongside their expansive drink menu. If you can find a spot, the vibes are always good and the food is even better. Open 7 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Friday, with Saturday and Sunday brunch options from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Bodhi also has a bakery outlet in Albany for those in need of a fresh-bread-fix.

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