Four things to spruce up your living space

Alan Nguyen, Beaver's Digest Contributor

Whether you’re moving into a new space or wanting to revamp your current living situation, you don’t have to look too far for items that will make your space extra special. Here’s a short list of things to start out your interior decorating adventure.


Mirrors are not only for checking yourself out in — they’re also great for just about any space. For rooms that tend to be on the smaller side, a mirror creates an illusion of space, and for spaces that are too big, mirrors can easily fill up any blank voids. Floor mirrors are great statement pieces because they don’t need much installation and can be moved around easily based on whatever mood you’re in. Along with simple embellishments like gold trims or wooden framing, these mirrors can fit in just about any interior style.

Grab an elegant arched floor mirror with a stand on Amazon for only $65.


Plants of all kinds bring a splash of color into any space, especially ones that don’t allow for massive home renovations like painting walls. While there are many proven benefits to having living plants, artificial plants look just as nice and don’t require the commitment and time it takes to care for living plants. Artificial plants allow you to have practically any kind of plant you want in your living space all year long. And the great thing about it is that you can set it, leave it and forget about it.

Add a pop of green to your house with a cute artificial potted palm plant from Target for just $25.


Oftentimes we think of interior decorating as filling up the walls and key areas of a room, but we might forget that the floor under us is just as important. Decorative rugs are like personal “functioning floor art,” as stated in a Good Housekeeping article by Monique Valeris. They can easily become the statement pieces of a room that get your guests asking you, “Where did you learn to become an interior decorator?” Whether it be a solid color rug with fancy tassels, or an intricate woven masterpiece, easily turn all your floors from boring to exciting.

Find a wide range of attractive and comfortable decorative rugs for under $30 at Walmart.


Assuming you have a couch, chairs or even just a bed, throw pillows are a great decor staple to have in any cozy space. Because there are so many styles out there, you can easily personalize your space fast and affordably while sticking to your own design taste. Throw pillows can also add a lot of much needed texture to a space, and they are easily interchangeable based on season and even just your mood.

Grab a few affordable throw pillows for under $20 each at Target.

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