Springtime and the stars: Astrology forecast for 2023

The stars and the planets are shifting, but what does that mean for our lives?


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An illustration of the three zodiac signs: aries, taurus, and gemini.

Spring is officially here and for many, that symbolizes the start of a new chapter. The birds are chirping, the weather is getting warmer and days are getting longer. It’s time to explore what the new season has planned for each sign.  

If you are curious about what spring has planned for each zodiac sign, Beaver’s Digest did some digging into astrological signs. 

Zane Yinger, a fourth-year botany major at Oregon State University, described astrology as a “tool for empowering people.” As a leading member of the Pagan Student Association, Yinger became interested in astrology during the pandemic but soon began to dive deep into this multicultural tradition.

“(Astrology) creates language and direction and points you towards things and certain patterns that you might not have been able to recognize on your own,” Yinger said. “But now that you’re being shown it explicitly, now you’re able to recognize it and work on that.” 

Yinger also provided a list of major astrological transits, movements of the planets into different sections of the zodiac, which will help determine upcoming themes for each of the 12 signs. They provided the following horoscopes for each sign.

  • April 20: Sun enters Taurus
  • May 1: Pluto retrogrades, Sun conjuncts Indirect Mercury 
  • May 7: Venus enters Cancer 
  • May 9: Sun conjuncts Uranus 
  • May 16: Jupiter enters Taurus 
  • May 20: Mars enters Leo 
  • May 21: Sun enters Gemini 
  • June 5: Venus enters Leo 
  • June 11: Mercury enters Gemini, indirect Pluto enters Capricorn 

For Aries, spring could bring a sense of relaxation and optimism. Take a breath, regroup and keep slaying!

  • Expect frustration in regards to expression and execution of ideas
  • A relaxed confidence settles in late May 
  • The pace quickens significantly in June as you are able to take things in stride
  • Looks like a powerful start to the summer season, enjoy the buzz
  • This period will be a lesson in finding your voice and using your words wisely 

For Taurus, spring is the best time for you to rest. With more energy, you can accomplish your goals better and faster in the rest of the year. 

  • A powerful time to achieve and pursue your goals
  • Try to stay focused despite tempting distractions or feelings of being overwhelmed
  • Early May brings new interests and some familiar comforts
  • Prepare for indulgence and exciting new ambitions in June! 
  • Try not to forget yourself as the term wraps up; focus on your passions

For Gemini, connect with the community that shares and embraces your values and helps give back to the world around you. 

  • A boring and slow start to the term that may have you feeling restless 
  • Despite such feelings, this is an enjoyable and pleasant time for you! 
  • Late May brings new intensity ad you quickly find your footing again 
  • Expect to juggle responsibility and pleasure until June when you can let loose 
  • The lesson here is in patience: don’t jump the gun!

For Cancer, a positive outlook can go a long way! Get organized and start working toward your goal.  

  • The term has had an energetic start for you, but things settle in to place soon
  • This is a confident time and you feel well understood 
  • Action is at the forefront of your mind these days, lean into that energy! 
  • Expect pleasant feelings early May, followed by a lot of friction to end the term 
  • Focus on pursuing your desires before they get away from you; you are ready! 

For Leo, travel in springtime can open many doors and provide some much needed perspective. 

  • Spring has planted a pep in your step: enjoy this high energy
  • New challenges may arise soon, but nothing you can’t handle!
  • Expect some frustrations around obligations holding you down during May
  • June brings refreshment: you are at the top of your game for the end of the term! 
  • Be sure to take full advantage of the confident energy flowing at this time

For Virgo, spring gives you an opportunity to leave your comfort zone to challenge yourself and to grow. Open your wings and fly! 

  • A difficult start to the term; you may be feeling tired
  • Luckily, you find new confidence and energy in late April
  • Expect frustrations in late May due to pent up desires
  • June brings feelings of smothering, you may feel overwhelmed from engagement 
  • Use the start of this term to plan and set yourself up for success

For Libra, this is a perfect time to show your significant other how much you appreciate them in your life. 

  • Feelings of being stuck fade into frustration as the term begins 
  • Expect a period of poor self-expression and purpose for the first half of the season
  • Mid-May brings great realignment and a new found ambition 
  • The term wraps up with a pleasant and romantic attitude 
  • Don’t be afraid to stake your claim and stand up for the things you want!

For Scorpio, spring brings the opportunity to pause and take a minute for yourself, and go through the next few months at your own pace.

  • The term begins with an energetic stalemate; a calm before the storm
  • Expect the uneventful until mid-May when you will become quickly overwhelmed
  • Despite this, it is a pleasant time with good outlook for romantic endeavors
  • June brings fresh determination and potentially a new obsession 
  • Try to enjoy the small things right now; even the simple parts of life are meaningful

For Sagittarius, as new romances and existing partnerships continue to bloom, don’t shy away from the possibilities these relationships bring.

  • Luck is on your side with start of spring
  • Expect to see the culmination of projects unfold by mid-May 
  • Internal conflict and tension may hold you back for most of this term 
  • June, however, uncovers new passions and creative outlets; lean into this! 
  • Keep your eyes on the horizon and keep faith close; summer is your season baby! 

For Capricorn, showing affection towards your friends or partner will bring a new sense of trust and care in your relationships. 

  • An intense start to the term quickly mellows into solid confidence and pace 
  • You may feel blocked by inaction and fragileness: things aren’t going to plan
  • Mid-May brings new frustrations and disconnect from your purpose 
  • Expect to find yourself grasping as the term closes in June with scarcity 
  • Lay down strong foundations at the start of the term to support your future self

For Aquarius, now is the time to embrace your voice and be direct with those around you. Although confrontation may be intimidating, open and honest communication will serve you well this season. 

  • Spring opens with simplicity before gaining momentum 
  • Be wary of holding on to your ideas too tightly; challenge yourself to be flexible
  • Early May brings a dispassion, but is followed by new confidence in mid-May
  • Expect new challenges in June; you may have to stand your ground
  • Don’t waste this season on frivolity; it is a potent time for personal growth

For Pisces, financial abundance will be rewarded as a result of generosity and giving back to those around you and your community. 

  • You may feel lost at the start of the term, but you will find your footing soon enough! 
  • Generally, this is a great season for you to engage in expression, pleasure, and action 
  • Expect an enjoyable season until early June when you lose your ambition 
  • Your words will be powerful during this entire period; now is the time speak up
  • Self-expression will be critical this term; lean into your artistic endeavors now

The Chinese zodiac calendar declared the year 2023 as the “Year of the Rabbit.” This could indicate that the year will be more gentle and relaxed compared to previous years. 

Yinger also stated that zodiac signs as they are interpreted in modern times are a simplified and reduced version of what astrology actually is.

According to Yinger, a person’s astrological makeup is more complex than just the sun signs listed above. This is reflected in a natal chart, a comprehensive list of the location and angles of each planet is positioned at the time of someone’s birth. 

To learn more about astrology and paganism, check out OSU’s Pagan Club in the Student Experience Center lobby at 6 p.m. on Wednesdays.

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