Burnt out by spring term? You’re not alone!


Cat Smith, Illustrator

Depiction of getting burnt out over the course of the term.

With summer fast approaching, it is difficult not to mentally check out at the end of spring term. This term, however, has felt a little different from the rest. Is it due to the long winter we experienced, and being deprived of the sweet, Corvallis sunshine?  After speaking with fellow Oregon State students, it is clear that this has been a strugglesome term for many. 

Cecelia Love-Zhou, a business administration major with a minor in design and innovation management, stated that while spring term has been going well for her, she did indeed have a rough start.

“It was a struggle in the beginning when it was raining and gloomy everyday, but now that the sun is out it is a bit more bearable,” said Love-Zhou. 

However, as most of us have experienced, the sunshine is not necessarily always a motivating factor for doing school work.

“I keep thinking that it is summer time already, so I am definitely ready for these last few weeks to be done,” Love-Zhou said. 

Who wants to do copious amounts of homework when the sun is shining? I can definitely say that when it is this beautiful out, school is not always my first priority. Since we all just came out of a long, cold, hibernation, it makes sense that we are all itching for some outdoor activity. 

Fisheries, wildlife and conservation sciences major Jacob Bourquein discussed how this term in particular has felt longer than usual, and that in a way, he feels like it is an extension of winter term. 

“I’d be lying if I said spring term has been easy. Normally I rely on spring term to go outside and replenish the low Vitamin D levels, but this spring has been a different breed,” said Bourquein. 

Bourquein also stated that this term has especially burnt him out, and this could be because he is not only an upperclassman, but he also has to spend almost over 12 hours on campus. Needless to say, he is eager for his graduation in the near future. 

With commencement in just a few weeks, some of us may be feeling like time is flying by, as opposed to slowing down. Speech communication major Mason Lowry stated that this spring term has felt like the fastest term he’s ever had, and this is because he is graduating at the end of spring. While Lowry feels like this is an easier term for him, he has also fallen victim to our latest weather forecast. 

“The weather makes me want to drop everything and just go outside, but I also want to try to go out on a high note,” said Lowry. 

Spring term may have felt never ending for some of us, but we are so close! It’s easy to get wrapped up in the stress of academia, so make sure to take a few deep breaths, drink plenty of water and be kind to yourself.

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