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Student Fitness Instructors lead group classes at Dixon Recreation Center

Landon Marks, OMN Photographer
Oregon States cycling class takes place at the Dixon Recreation Center in Corvallis on May 13.

Oregon State University students don’t have to look far for ways to destress and stay healthy during a busy spring term. Through Dixon Recreation Center students can take classes from certified student fitness instructors.

Group fitness at Dixon is being improved by staff every year with the feedback elicited from pass

Oregon States cycling class instructor leads class at the Dixon Recreation Center in Corvallis on May 13. (Landon Marker, OMN Photographer)


“This academic year we have added Hydro HIIT, Pilates and Mindful Beavs to our weekly fitness schedule,” said TerraAnne Johnson, the recreational sports fitness and wellness formats coordinator. “We have also started to expand our offering of class lengths. This year we have added in 30 minute classes for formats such as Cycle and HIIT.” 

For twenty dollars, OSU students can purchase a group fitness pass and attend as many classes as they want each term. 

Group fitness classes offered include: BeavStrong, Dance Fit, various forms of Yoga, Cycling, Hydro HIIT, MetCon, Mindful Beavs, Pilates and Restorative Yoga. 

According to Brian Hustoles, the recreational sports associate director marketing and communications, the specialty fitness classes provide a unique learning opportunity to deeply explore popular workout formats. 

This term the specialty classes offered include mindfulness meditation, olympic lifting and power pilates. 

In addition to group fitness classes, specialty fitness classes are also offered at Dixon which cost an additional twenty dollar fee for each four class series.

Standard fitness classes are offered year round with fewer options available over the summer. 

To attend group fitness classes or specialty fitness classes, students must register online to claim a spot on the website

Registration for each group fitness class opens 48 hours before the start time of the class, and it is important to book early because they can fill up. The weekly schedules for the classes and the varying class durations are perfect for students with a busy schedule. 

“Group Fitness classes offer the opportunity to support an individual’s physical, social and mental wellbeing,” Johnson said. “The varied classes offer participants the chance to have fun, socialize, and exercise all in a 30-60 minute session.” 

The group aspect of fitness classes creates a sense of community of people who all motivate each other. 

Dmitry Zhukoskiy, a fourth-year kinesiology major and group fitness instructor said the group atmosphere creates an inspiring and homey feeling. 

According to Zhukoskiy, group fitness instructors work to make everyone feel welcome by “creating an inclusive and welcoming environment and showing up for others”.

To improve their program, Johnson explained that they regularly ask participants to fill out online surveys at the end of each class. 

“Anyone of any skill level can show up to succeed,” Zhukovskiy said.  


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