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Beaver's Digest

Beaver's Digest

A sign advertising “Doughnuts for Ukraine” on the side of highway 20 outside of Corvallis.

The community bands together to support Ukraine

Adia Wolters, Beaver's Digest Contributor
May 12, 2022
Student Erika Iizuka, standing outside the Aisan Pacific Cultural Center

J Night: A night of Matsuri and fun

Colin Rickman, Beaver's Digest Contributor
April 29, 2022
An illustration of a person and their dog visiting three different national parks/reserves

National and State Parks to visit in Oregon

Taylor Bacon, Beaver's Digest Contributor
April 27, 2022
This illustration shows a van driving on a road with a creek and mountains up ahead.

Five scenic stops between Corvallis and Bend

Tarsa Weikert, Beaver's Digest Contributor
April 1, 2022
Inside the cave, light shines through the hole in the ceiling where stairs lead out of Boyd Caves.

Five activities to do near the OSU-Cascades campus

Tarsa Weikert, Beaver's Digest Contributor
March 29, 2022
A survey with important questions regarding ones living habits to help determine if roommates are compatible. Read story for quiz transcription.

Roommate Compatibility Quiz

Tarsa Weikert, Beaver's Digest Cont
March 11, 2022
Furniture pieces, such as a recliner, dining chairs, an ottoman, a side table and a lamp are displayed in a furniture store.

Six Stores to Save on Furniture

Sam Misa, Beaver's Digest Contributor
March 10, 2022