Putting a Spotlight on ASOSU


Jeremiah Estrada News Contributor

Being new to the university, there is still much unknown about the services and organizations available such as the Associated Students of Oregon State University, or commonly known as ASOSU. 

This organization works to represent a government that promotes various aspects of this academic community. Their efforts include encouraging the social, cultural, physical and intellectual growth of our campus while upholding academic excellence in the student body.

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ASOSU’s mission emphasizes that it strives to give students a sense of belonging and inclusivity. They work towards promoting a number of values within our community; this allows the different interests of members of this university to be represented politically. The vision ASOSU has is that a better college experience happens when we come together as a community. Every student has a voice and they have a chance to make it heard while getting involved. Several resources provided by this student government consist of the Office of Advocacy, SafeRide, and Student Legal Services.

Office of Advocacy

The Office of Advocacy is here to offer a range of online services that cover processes or conflicts within our campus. This department gladly supports students every day in different situations from financial aid, graduate/international student issues, Code of Conduct process and more. This office is available for every and any type of student. Their work is free and confidential while guided by the Student Bill of Rights.


If you are ever in need of transportation to get around, you are in luck with ASOSU’s SafeRide! This inclusive service is dedicated to providing OSU students with alternative safer rides within Corvallis and the surrounding area. This resource operates following its core values of safety, comfort, integrity while remaining student-centered. They are open to all students and are in service seven days a week from 8:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. with the exception of holidays and breaks. Rides can be requested by downloading the free mobile app, OSU SafeRide, from Google Play or the iOS App Store.

Student Legal Services

ASOSU’s Student Legal Services is here to help OSU students with legal troubles that may come your way. This is offered through the university and paid for by Corvallis campus student incidental fees. The office provides legal advice and representation for disputes that are unrelated to OSU. These areas in which advising, consultation, and representation can be offered range from issues such as landlord/tenant disputes, immigration, criminal charges, personal injury along with other affairs. Student Legal Services runs remotely 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

Now that you know more about this organization, you might be wondering how to get involved with ASOSU as a freshman. There are plenty of opportunities for employment or volunteer work to be part of this team! These diverse ways to become involved include joining the Judicial Council, volunteering on projects, and taking on leadership. Following their social media pages, voting in ASOSU elections or contacting their offices are all good first steps to engaging with this community.

“We believe a better experience happens when we come together.”


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