Halloween Mocktail



It’s October, which means we’re officially in PSL season. Everywhere you look, pumpkin flavored food and drinks are on display. Pumpkin might be a fun flavor in hot beverages, but it isn’t quite the taste you want to drink in a cold mocktail. This mocktail might inspire thoughts of Halloween and fall, but I promise this orange beverage won’t taste like anything that needs to be carved.

Fresh, tangy and fun, this juice blend mixed with tangerine soda and lime is sure to taste refreshing and bring a smile.

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-Makes 4 mocktails- 



-R.W. Knudsen Simply Nutritious Morning Blend juice 8 ounces

-One can of New Wave Tangerine Soda (or any citrus flavored carbonated beverage)

-One lime (two if you want to have lime slices for garnish) 

-Green Sprinkles



Pour together juice and soda in a mixer.

Cut the lime in half and squeeze into juice/soda mix.

Pour a small pile of sprinkles out onto a cutting board or clean flat surface

Use the shell of the squeezed out lime to wipe around martini glass rim, then roll glass slowly through sprinkles. Carefully coating the entire rim of the glass.

Pour in mocktail, add garnish and enjoy!

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