5 slopes to ski and snowboard near OSU


Illustration by H Beck, OMN Illustrator

Mount Hood is most well known for night skiing, having almost 80% of their trails lit at night.

Taylor Bacon, Beaver's Digest Contributor

Just as 2021 came to a close, Corvallis got its first dusting of snow as the campus fell quiet for winter break. Although Oregon isn’t as well known for snow sports, there are a couple well known spots to ski and snowboard this season.

1)  Mount Bachelor:

Located south of Corvallis, the Mount Bachelor ski area opened in 1958 and is known for its high peaks, 4,300 acres of skiable and boardable and full service resort. Not only do you have the ability to partake in skiing and boarding, they also offer tubing and even childcare. It can cost between $103 and $169 for multi day lift tickets. If you are traveling around Central Oregon or the Bend area, shuttle services are offered to bring you up to the resorts, as well as services within the resort to take you to different points of interest. Don’t have your own gear? Don’t worry! Mount Bachelor offers ski and snowboard rentals between $58 and $68.

2)  Mount Hood Meadows:

Known for its picturesque views, Mount Hood has a great variety of terrains for skiing, from advanced to bunny slope. Mount Hood is most well known for night skiing, having almost 80% of their trails lit at night. The tickets range in price anywhere from $43 for night skiing to $114 for an all day ski pass for adults. Although there aren’t any shuttle buses that go from campus to the mountain, if you live by or are near Highway 26 from City of Sandy to Timberline- Government Camp, they offer the Mount Hood Express, which has several pick up locations. Mount Hood also offers skis and snowboards to rent, starting at $49.

3) The Timberline Mountain Lodge.

In 1937, this resort was constructed on the south slope of Mount Hood. At 6,000ft elevation and spread over 55,000 square feet, this lodge is an ideal place for those who love to go hit the slopes. In 1977, the Timberline Mountain Lodge was declared a national landmark and attracts over 2 million visitors each year. As it’s a part of the Mount Hood ski resort, the lift ticket prices are the same, ranging from $43 to $114. Similarly, the shuttles to get to the lodge are those of Mount Hood’s, with spots along Highway 26. The Timberline Mountain Lodge also offers wonderful terrain parks and ski and board rentals at $52.

4)  Mount Hoodoo

Located closest to Corvallis, sitting 40 minutes east of Oregon State University, this resort is a student favorite. Mount Hoodoo offers tons of different terrains, from advanced to beginner. Even more attractive, students who have their student IDs can get season passes for $549. They also offer day passes for adults at $65. If you don’t want to drive up the mountain or are simply looking for an alternative way to get up there, Peak Sports offers a shuttle service for $67 that includes a round trip to the mountain and a lift ticket. Perfect for college students, Mount Hoodoo offers ski and board rentals for as little as $35!

5) Willamette Pass

Opened in 1931, the Willamette Pass is many college students favorite place to hit the slopes.  Although it is just over two hours south of Corvallis, and doesn’t always have the best snow, the Willamette Pass has tons to offer when the conditions are there! The summit sits at 6,683 ft giving visitors beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains. Having 555 skiable acres, there’s 29 different runs, giving everyone the chance to get out onto the snow. Lift tickets start at $66, and you can rent gear for $34. If you’re looking for a way to get there, Peak Sports also offers a shuttle there for $25.

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