Beaver’s Digest’s ultimate guide to Winter Break activities

Winter Break

Emma Strgar

In a rut about how to spend your month away from Corvallis, friends and the craziness of school? Well luckily, Beaver’s Digest has prepared 30 fun and easy activities to jumpstart your winter break.

  1. Go out to your local holiday farmer’s market. 
  2. Decorate sugar cookies with different colors of icing and sprinkles. 
  3. Build a fort in your house – for old time’s sake. Might as well have a movie night in it when you’re finished, too! 
  4. Make a gingerbread house. 
  5. Update your resume and LinkedIn – sounds boring, but it’s the perfect time of the year to do it! 
  6. Check out some local opportunities for volunteer work. Humane societies, homeless shelters and the such are all great places to start!
  7. Go to a museum!
  8. Start looking for jobs, internships or scholarship programs for the next year. It’s not too early to take the first steps.
  9. Get a seasonal job! A lot of retail stores and local businesses look to hire extra help around the holidays. It’s a great way to make a little extra money while you’re home with time to kill. 
  10. Grab a friend and drive around to look for the best holiday house decorations! 
  11. Pick a TV or movie series to binge watch. A great time to rewatch “Harry Potter!”
  12. Make a scrapbook with all the photos you took fall term. 
  13. Invite a college friend to come check out your hometown and go see theirs!
  14. Catch up on sleep – seriously!
  15. Blast holiday music.
  16. Avoid checking social media to see photos of people on tropical vacations. 
  17. Get a coffee and browse a book store.
  18. Buy a book and read it for pleasure. 
  19. Clean out your closet.
  20. Sell or donate the clothes you get rid of by bringing them to somewhere like Buffalo Exchange or Goodwill. 
  21. Hone your baking skills.
  22. Bundle up and go for a hike.
  23. Make an effort to spend time with each member of your family or friends from home. 
  24. Go see a movie! Exciting ones coming out this winter break include: “Aquaman,” “Bumblebee,” “Mary Poppins Returns,” “Holmes and Watson” and many more! 
  25. Watch an old favorite movie. Cough, cough: “The Polar Express.” 
  26. Make gourmet hot-cocoa. Have you seen our Peppermint Hot Cocoa recipe?
  27. Look into doing a job shadow or informational interview for a field you’re interested in. 
  28. Spend some time getting mega-organized for winter term – write out your class schedule, start looking for textbooks, etc.
  29. Try iceskating. 
  30. Take a few yoga classes at your local studio or try and get into a sustainable exercise routine that you can maintain when school starts up again. 

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