Self-Care Sunday: Student Health Services

Alex Larson

You’ve probably heard it: the chorus of sniffles throughout your lectures, the concerning coughs ringing through the halls and the nasally voices of those with stuffy noses. As midterm season has approached us, so has the season of sickness. If you haven’t gotten sick, then you know at least a few people who have.

If you have fallen ill and want to get a diagnosis, then Student Health Services (SHS) is the place to go. You can schedule an appointment at the Plageman Building, which is the main clinic or head to the same-day clinic at Tebeau Hall.  Tebeau offers appointments for minor illness such as sore throats, coughs, colds, UTI’s, headaches and pain, as well as gynecological services. Anything and almost everything else can be handled over at Plageman, which offers walk-ins for urgent conditions.

In addition to appointments and vaccinations, Plageman has a pharmacy where students can refill prescriptions five days a week and also buy over the counter medicines. Plageman also hosts various health and wellness options for those who want to recover from alcohol or drug addiction, violence prevention and wellness coaching. Wellness coaching covers anything from managing the stress of school to nutrition to safe sex. On the third floor of the Plageman Building is the Survivor Advocacy and Resource Center, which offers free and confidential aid to survivors of sexual harassment and violence.

If your health is compromised in any aspect, Student Health Services likely has a program or office that can help. All of this information was found on the Oregon State SHS website, so any of the above resources are just a click away. Most of these services are covered by student tuition, so go get your money’s worth the next time you catch a cold or a cough.

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