The 42nd Annual Klatowa Eena Pow-Wow

Alex Larson

 The 42nd Annual Klatowa Eena Pow-Wow is taking place in the McAlexander Fieldhouse on Saturday, May 19. The Klatowa Eena Pow-Wow is organized by the Native American Student Association, and the Native American Longhouse (NAL) Eena Haws. It is free, open to the public and has grand entry at 1p.m. and 6 p.m..

“A Pow-Wow is a cultural celebration where a community will come together and do dancing, sometimes as a competition, and there’s usually a bunch of artisan and food vendors,” Ameyalli Manon-Ferguson, President of the Native American Student Association, said.

The Native American Student Association and NAL Eena Haws facilitate many events on campus throughout the year, including the annual Salmon Bake, guest speaker events, and self-care workshops for students to unwind. The Klatowa Eena Pow-Wow is a great way for students to experience Native culture while enjoying food, art and entertainment. “While not all indigenous communities have Pow-Wows, they are an intertribal experience and an opportunity for students to be apart of this experience,” Luhui Whitebear, Adviser of the Native American Student Association said.

Special events include Jingle Dress, in honor of missing and murdered indigenous women which is sponsored by the Woodside Family, the Owl Dance which is sponsored by the Head Woman and Man Dancers and Tiny Tots which is sponsored by Alpha Pi Omega Sorority. All students are encouraged to attend, not just those who identify as Native American.

“My favorite part is allowing non-Native people to come, and to share our culture with them. A lot of times non-Native people don’t really get that inside view because ceremonies aren’t like church where anyone can go. They’re very private, and they’re very sacred,” Manon-Ferguson said.  We get people from all over Oregon to come, not just OSU students and faculty. So this is their chance to also see campus, and see how the campus supports its Native students.”