AMC Theatre Buyout–Black Panther Showing

The Black Panther

Melanie Reese

Tonight, the AMC Theatre in Corvallis will be showcasing the premiere of Black Panther, which will be a free event for OSU students. Starting at 10:00pm, tickets will be handed out on a first-come-first served- basis at AMC with a total of 350 tickets planning to be dispersed. The actual movie will begin at 11:00pm. If students would like to ensure their seat, tickets can be reserved beforehand by attending the Black Cinema Discussion. Here names will be taken and tickets will be reserved following the event. The discussion on the importance of black culture, which will be led by Jason Dorsette, is set to be tonight from 9:30pm to 10:00pm in the Black Cultural Center before the film event. Students will be able to get to the event for free by the Night Owl Bus which can provide transport for students living on and off campus. Information on the specific bus routes can be found on the Night Owl websites.

This event is in correspondence with the late night program through the Student Leadership and Involvement (SLI), in which every Thursday there is a movie night free to students. In attempt to appeal to more students and increase the turnout rates, the SLI decided to explore a theater buyout, as well as choose a highly anticipated movie that would also be a good addition to celebrating Black History Month as a university. Black Panther is a Marvel superhero who is the king and protector of Wakanda, a fictional African nation. Although the SLI was involved in the theater buyout, it had shifted to becoming the NAACP organization that recieved the money for the buyout. As a non-sponsored organization, they were qualified to apply for source fund, which ultimately allowed the AMC buyout of Black Panther.


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