The Best Study Spots Around Campus

SEC Study Spot

Roman Battaglia

Are you new on campus and don’t really know the best places to study yet? Looking for a new place to set your bag down and finish up some math homework? Don’t worry, BD has you covered. Here are our best spots to study on campus.


1. Student Experience Center Lounge

The SEC lounge is such a relaxing place to study. There isn’t too much traffic to get in your way, there’s a lot of really comfy chairs and tables where you can lay down and take a break between classes or get ready for your next midterm, and not to mention its central location, you can get to all of your classes pretty fast from there.

2. Memorial Union Balcony (2nd floor)

The Memorial Union lounge, while it is a great place to study, it’s usually very crowded and it can be hard to find a place among the sea of couches. Fortunately, the second floor balcony is less known. It’s dark enough that you aren’t distracted by everything going on around you, there’s a lot of tables where you can set your laptop down and there is also plenty of outlets nearby. The couches above the fireplace are a great place for a nap if you need to take a break from the weight of the world.

3. Floor 6 of the Valley Library

If you’re looking for a spot in the library during dead week, it can be almost impossible. But, if you go up to the 6th floor, it’s going to be a lot easier to find a spot. The 6th floor is a quiet floor, meaning that people should try to keep conversations to minimum and there’s an effort to limit distractions. This keeps the large study groups from going up there, so there’s often more space up on the top floor. Not to mention the great views!

4. North Side of the Learning Innovation Center

You’ll usually find large crowds of people moving up and down the colorful stairs on the south side of LInC, but on the opposite hallway there are lots of small study spots for you to relax and finish your homework. The LInC was designed to have plenty of study nooks and spots in the hallways to give people a place to sit down before class starts or when they have to cram some last minute info before a midterm, so wander the halls and you’ll find a spot you like. Remember, the higher you go in the buildings, the less crowded it usually is.

5. Monroe Ave. Restaurants

After all, who doesn’t like to have a little food while studying? If you like a little conversation white noise while studying, then try settling in at a place like Mcmenamins, Downward Dog, or American Dream. You can snag a quick bite and get some homework finished at the same time, win win!

6. Kelley Engineering Center Atrium

The Kelly Atrium was built to let in a lot of sunlight and resemble a promenade, so obviously it’s a great place to study. While seating may be a little scarce when midterms and dead week comes around, if you can find a spot, it’s almost always next to a power outlet. Plus, you can grab a bite to eat or a good drink at e.Cafe to keep you fueled.

Photography by Roman Battaglia