Keeping Up with Your 2017 Resolution

Keeping Up with Your 2017 Resolution

Erika Peterson

Year after year the most common new years resolution is to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. However, we all know too well that actually achieving our resolutions can be difficult. To help you stay on track this year and not give up on your 2017 resolution, here are a few tips: 

Make a Plan

Accomplishing daunting tasks are much easier when you have a plan of attack. So rather than just having one big goal to lose 20 pounds this year, create a series of smaller goals to reach it

Schedule It

Have you ever said you can’t find the time to do something? The thing is that nobody finds time, we choose time. We choose to spend our time the way we do, whether that’s eating junk food or going to the gym. Make your goal a priority and schedule it into your calendar.

Something is Better Than Nothing

We all have our days when life gets busy, we’re tired, and motivation is lacking. If you know that a full hour at the gym just isn’t going to happen, don’t throw in the towel. Commit to going for just 20-minutes instead, and do the best you can. You don’t need to have an “all or nothing” mentality. The difference between doing something rather than nothing is huge.

Get Up, When You Slip Up

Don’t turn temporary failures into complete meltdowns or an excuse to give up on your goal. Instead, just acknowledge your mistake and recommit to your plan towards your goal. Be patient with yourself, do the best you can and success will always follow. 


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