Save Money For Being an OSU Student

College is definitely not cheap, so therefore most of us students are trying to save a penny any chance we get. Thankfully, local businesses in the Corvallis area understand this struggle and have many student deals to offer. The Student Survival Kit, Hooked, and Pocket Points are all mobile apps that host many of these great discounts. Check out some of our favorite deals and save some money this term!

The Student Survival Kit

Students love cheap food and the dining section of the Student Survival Kit is a great place to find an inexpensive meal. Download the mobile app to your smartphone, select OSU as your school, and then click “Dining, Restaurants, Drinks”. Here you will find an abundance of coupons that can be used at local food vendors. Cheesy Stuffed Burgers offers 25% off a Burger, Roxy Dawgs offers a free Tornado Fry, and Interzone has a 2 for 1 Coffee or Espresso deal. The list goes on, but there is definitely not a shortage of student food deals so check out this app to dine on a budget!

The Student Survival Kit is home to many other service discounts. Under the “Personal Services” tab you can find deals from Corvallis Tan Republic locations and High Priestess Corvallis. There are also coupons for car services under “Automotive Services & Parts” for Oil Can Henry’s Corvallis and Jiffy Lube Corvallis.


While you have already probably heard of the Student Survival Kit, recently a new app came across our BD radar called Hooked. Download Hooked from the app store, sign in, and select “OR ST | Corvallis” to view local deals. These deals are a little different though because they change daily and show a timed countdown of when a certain deal ends. Most of Hooked discounts are also food so be sure to reference this app before heading out to eat!


Pocket Points

Do you have trouble putting your phone away and paying attention during class? Pocket Points app is a great incentive to focus in class or when you’re studying to earn discounts from local businesses. Open the app and lock your phone to begin earning points. These points can then be cashed in for discounts from businesses such as Dutch Bros, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Clodfelters Restaurant and Pub, and many other Corvallis locations.

Oregon State students have a wide variety of discounts at the touch of a button so be sure to check out these mobile apps to save money this year. What do you have to lose? Save some cash for being a student!


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