Commencement Weekend: Six Ways You Can Celebrate Safely

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The graduates of Oregon State University’s class of 2021 have finally made it to commencement, which means it’s time to honor them.

This class has demonstrated immense dedication and resilience despite the challenges of the pandemic, meaning they need big celebrations for finishing their college careers in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Read on for some safe and fun celebration ideas to commemorate your time at OSU!

1. Have a graduation party.

You can make this COVID-safe by holding the event outside, such as at the McNary Field, Avery Park or Chintimini Park. Set up themed decorations, prepare refreshments, have a photo booth and gift table ready, provide outdoor games, send invitations to friends and family and then you’ll be good to go! You could even turn this into a picnic or barbecue for an added bonus. Check out these plazas and other outdoor spaces compiled by the city of Corvallis and currently available for rental by the public. If you’re looking for tips on barbecuing, feel free to read our recent article here!

2. Eat out at a restaurant.

Order your favorite food and have a toast with your loved ones! Some fancy or just plain yummy restaurants to try in Corvallis are Block 15, del Alma, McMenamins, Sky High, and Flame Mountain.

3. Go on a senior trip.

Whether just a day trip, weekend getaway or longer vacation, you deserve it for all of the effort you’ve put forth the past few years. It’s time to travel and relax, and some ideas to choose from include going on a hiking, beach, camping, city or road trip! Check out one of our new articles here for tips on where and how to vacation safely.

4. Take graduation photos.

Dress up in your cap and gown and let your outfit speak for itself on how far you’ve come! If you would like some inspiration on where to take your senior pictures, we’ve got you covered with this recent article. You can even create a scrapbook or Pinterest board, using your photos as a way of collecting and cherishing those long-lasting memories.

5. Have a video chat party.

You can accommodate for long distance friends and family by hosting an online celebration, all the while following COVID safety policy. Some platforms you can use are Zoom, Remo or just regular FaceTime!

6. Attend OSU’s virtual commencement ceremony.

This is scheduled for Saturday, June 12, 2021 at 10:30 a.m. for Corvallis and Ecampus students and Sunday, June 13, at 9 a.m. for OSU-Cascades students. These virtual celebrations give the university an opportunity to officially recognize you for your hard-earned accomplishments! This is a great option for students who cannot make it to the in-person celebration happening on June 11.

We hope graduating students will have a blast out of these celebratory ideas, taking the time to kick back and enjoy life in the moment before pursuing their future endeavors.

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