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Studying the environment at OSU

H Beck

For those interested in becoming members of the next generation of environmental leaders, Oregon State University has a robust selection of programs for a sustainable and environmental education.

Here are a few of the programs and colleges that focus their curriculum on environmental issues across all disciplines. 

College of Agricultural Science:

The College of Agricultural Science at OSU boasts an array of programs geared towards fostering sustainable practices in agriculture and environmental policy. 

From the hands-on approach of Animal Sciences and Crop and Soil Science to the intricate studies of Entomology and Botany, students can gain a holistic understanding of the balance between nature and agriculture. 

Degrees like Environmental Economics and Policy and Sustainability prepare students to tackle global challenges through informed policy and practices.

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences:

The Climate Science and Environmental Sciences programs equip students with the knowledge and skills to comprehend and combat climate change. 

Degrees in Geography and Geospatial Science and Oceanography delve into the spatial and marine realms, offering a diverse set of tools to address environmental challenges.

College of Liberal Arts:

The Marine Studies Major, offered by the College of Liberal Arts, emphasizes critical thinking, social and scientific awareness, and effective communication skills. 

Students in Marine Studies embark on a dynamic exploration of coastal and oceanic issues.

College of Forestry: 

The College of Forestry at OSU takes a hands-on approach to environmental education, with degrees like Forest Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Resources.

Students studying Sustainable Forest Management delve into strategies for balancing human needs with environmental preservation, while the Tourism, Recreation, and Adventure Leadership program introduces innovative ways to appreciate and protect our natural landscapes.

College of Engineering: 

The College of Engineering offers the Environmental Engineering degree. The Environmental Engineering degree stands at the intersection of technology and sustainability, training students to develop solutions to environmental issues.

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