Roommate Compatibility Quiz

Tarsa Weikert, Beaver's Digest Cont

This quiz was written and published for the 2022 “Renter’s Guide” in collaboration with The Daily Barometer.

Unsure about who to live with? Take this roommate compatibility quiz to test if your prospective roommate is right for you.


A survey with important questions regarding one's living habits to help determine if roommates are compatible. Read story for quiz transcription.
By Alan Nguyen, OMN Creative Lead


1. How do you approach doing dishes?

a. I clean my dishes before I eat my freshly-cooked meal.

b. One or two dishes in the sink does not bother me!

c. I do not own a dish.

d. I mean, I have grown mold in my sink before.


2. How are you able to afford rent?

a. Full-time workaholic here.

b. Mom and dad help me out.

c. I am a broke college student.

d. Just positive vibes here man, the corporate elite can’t hold me down.


3. Do you enjoy hosting wild parties or do you prefer a quiet night in?

a. Namaste home all day.

b. The occasional party never killed anyone.

c. Party until you die and then party some more!

d. Silent disco.


4. Do you engage in any messy hobbies?

a. No…

b. Sometimes my hobbies can get messy, but I always clean!

c. I have so many hobbies! One of my favorites is making homemade bread and cleaning up my mess three days later.

d. My life is a mess, my room is a mess, I am a mess.


5. Do you get angry easily?

a. No, I am a neutral and understanding person.

b. I may get upset if clothes are left in the bathroom, but we can talk it out.

c. Do not look at me on Tuesdays…

d. Pickup the fork you left on the counter, or I will lose my mind.


6. Are you comfortable living with pets?

a. Yes! I have one fish, two snails, three cats and a dog!

b. A cat or dog would be fine to live with.

c. I literally sneeze every time I see an animal.

d. No, I am not a fan of living with fur babies.


7. Are you an early riser or a night owl?

a. I rise with the sun and sleep with the moon.

b. I only have time to sleep in on the weekends.

c. I am usually up studying until 3 a.m. every day.

d. Sleep is for the weak.


8. What is your most neglected household chore?

a. My room exists in a constant state of chaos.

b. The laundry belongs in the basket or on the floor, not in my closet.

c. I can leave a dish in one spot for weeks.

d. Somehow, the trash always ends up outside, it’s like magic.



Compare results with your prospective roommate! Individuals who answered A or B for most questions may not be compatible with individuals who answered C or D for most questions.

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