Five scenic stops between Corvallis and Bend


By Teresa Aguilera, OMN Illustrator

The drive from Corvallis to Bend, Ore. can be quite a long trip but the scenic route never fails to impress. There are many landmarks and natural scenery along the way that are worth visiting. This illustration shows a van driving on a road with a creek and mountains up ahead.

Tarsa Weikert, Beaver's Digest Contributor

Take a drive from Oregon State University’s Corvallis, Ore. campus to the OSU-Cascades campus located in Bend, Ore. With this sunny weather,  you can relax your mind and see the beautiful sites between both the sister campuses.

Make sure to plan your road trip right by bringing along good friends, delicious food, plenty of water, comfortable shoes, a swimsuit, jacket and more for your journey.

From campus to campus, the drive is just under three hours long. Make sure to adjust for your stops along the way!

Here are five scenic stops to visit on your road trip from Corvallis to Bend.

1. Soda Springs Trail

Make your first stop on your drive count! Just one hour into the drive, take a short, easy hike at Soda Springs Trail in Cascadia State Park. The trail is two miles long, which provides a nice time to stretch your legs and eat some food.

2. High Rock

This off the beaten path destination is perfect for those seeking waterplay. Just outside of Foster, Ore., High Rock provides a beautiful swimming basin. Those willing to take the road less traveled will be greeted with crystal clear water—a hidden oasis for those willing to drive one hour from the OSU Corvallis Campus.

3. Tombstone Snow Park

Stop and visit Tombstone Snow Park in Foster. This destination is about one hour and 30 minutes into your drive to Bend. Tombstone Snow Park provides a perfect place for a snow get away sometimes until late spring. A $5 snow park pass is required to visit this destination. Once the snow melts individuals can camp and hike in the area as well!

4. Sahalie Falls 

Take an eight-minute detour from South Santiam Highway and see the magical Sahalie Falls. Follow US-20 East for one hour and 40 minutes. Once you have reached Lava Lake Sno-Park take a right onto Highway 126. Sahalie Falls is an easy-to-see roadside destination. Sahalie Falls is stunning in all seasons, which makes it a year-round must see! There is an easy two mile hike that you can take to the falls if you are seeking a more active stop. 

5. The Three Sisters

Make sure to stop at multiple points along the drive and witness the towering Three Sisters mountains. These volcanic peaks will surely take your breath away as your drive takes you closer to Sisters, Ore. Make sure to stop and look at the view before you enter Sisters, while you are there, and after you leave! The Three Sisters peaks will be visible for a decent portion of the drive to Bend. Feel free to stop and stretch your legs at one of the many trails along your journey.

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