‘Supporting our students:’ Phillip Sinapati on making space for underrepresented voices


Photo courtesy of Philip Sinapati

Phillip Sinapati, center director of the Asian and Pacific Cultural Center. His ultimate goal as director is to support students through APCC.

Abheer Singh, Beaver's Digest Contributor

“I was amazed,” said Phillip Sinapati, recalling the first time he visited the Asian and Pacific Cultural Center for his interview for his new position as center director of the APCC.

Although Sinapati has only been in Corvallis and Oregon State University for a couple of months, he is excited to make an impact.

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Sinapati plans to highlight the center’s strengths while working to improve weaknesses. Before he begins this process, his first plan is to build relationships.

“When you build those relationships, you can establish trust,” he explained.

Sinapati has a personal connection to the APCC through his Pacific Islander heritage, but that is only one of several reasons he finds his work significant.

“The work is meaningful to me,” he said. “I want to do all that I can and give all that I can in this position to really give a voice to underrepresented communities, underrepresented students.”

As he progresses through his first year as center director, Sinapati is guided by principles he hopes to reflect in his work.

“We believe that learning is more than just what happens in a classroom,” Sinapati said. “It’s also that transformative experience that happens with engagement with other communities, with other organizations, with different people.”

Sinapati hopes to facilitate events on cultural appreciation, leadership development and general wellbeing.

“At the end of the day it’s about supporting our students, it’s about fulfilling our mission and vision, and providing resources and opportunities for our students.”

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