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Revived MU Activities Team hosts Slash or Slay Halloween event

Cat Smith, OMN Illustrator

A new Halloween party and fashion show event will be taking place this Friday in the Memorial Union Ballroom at Oregon State University from 7-10 p.m. and will include a raffle to win an Apple Watch.

The event, called Slash or Slay, was planned by the MU Activities Team and the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists.

Student, Charli Adams, is the event coordinator assistant for the MU, who helped revive the Activities Team following the disappearance of MU organized student events since the COVID-19 Pandemic. Adams said Slash or Slay is the first big event they’re organizing.

“It mainly started with the Activities Team and then I reached out to Sophia (Williams) because she is a big part of the Apparel Design club and got them involved, and then we had cultural groups reach out to us wanting to do a dance so we combined everything and it turned into a big student event,”Adams said.

With the planned decor and ambiance, guests can expect to be in the Halloween spirit at this event.

“It’s going to be pretty cool,” Adams said. “We will have some special effects, lights, and stuff. The building is already getting decorated.”

Students visiting the MU may have seen these new additions to the building’s decor such as spider webs and skeletons, which according to Adams, they have the Activities team impart to thank.

“The activities team has been picking out and organizing decorations and they’ve been working with our building services team to get everything put up,” Adams said.

Sophia Williams, a student involved in the Apparel Design club at OSU, has been working closely with Adams and organizing the student fashion show. They have been working on this since the summer and started recruiting designers during the first weeks qof classes.

“We opened (the fashion show) up to people who do cosplay, people who design their own (clothes), people who do thrift-flipping and upcycling, and we’ve opened it to people who even style their own outfits,” Williams said. “We really wanted to get the most people involved that we can… because it is such a crunch time thing, like, you have four weeks to prepare for this.”

For the student designers who were in need of supplies Adams had a helping hand.

“We had a lot of materials and clothing donated,” Adams said. “I reached out to Safe Haven Gift and Thrift, which is one of the shelters in Albany, and their Lebanon store donated tons of fabrics, wedding dresses, and all kinds of clothes for the students to turn into costumes.”

While the fashion contest is only for the pre-selected designers, the dressed-up guests will vote for a winner amongst themselves.

“We will have the fashion show and after that everyone can vote with a QR code for their favorite designer, and when they vote on that they will get entered in a raffle to win an Apple watch we are giving away,” Adams said.

Adams said this is more than just a fashion show.

“There should be two or three different games that people can play in the rooms,” Adams said. “A couple of our staff members are going to DJ the dance. So we are going to have a lot of different students involved and it’s just a great training opportunity for people and to get experience doing something that they otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to do.”

Williams added that KINETIC, a Kpop dance group at OSU, will be performing a dance at this event.

“I know people like to do multiple costumes but sometimes it’s hard to find the days for those costumes so I think that this is a good opportunity for people to just take advantage of dressing up, going to have fun, and just going to a dance, seeing some fashion, maybe winning an Apple watch, that’s in the cards now,” Williams said.

“You don’t have to wear a costume, but if you want to, this is a great time to do it, it’s a Halloween dance,” Adams said.

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