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Getting into the groove of winter term 2024

Miky Pope, OMN Photographer
Maddy Persing and Mara Burroughs study in the Memorial Union at Oregon State University on Jan.12. They talked about what they are expecting for winter term.

“The sun will come out, tomorrow,” sings an optimistic orphan Annie, but for all of us beginning winter term at Oregon State University, it seems like the sun is nowhere near warming us up anytime soon.

Welcomed back to freezing temperatures, snow, assignments and with a brain still on vacation, OSU students may struggle to find the same gusto and motivation they had towards the beginning of the academic year, especially with the cold weather.

“I wish the weather was nicer for winter term but I feel okay about it,” said Mara Burroughs, third-year political science major.

For many, winter term means the winter aesthetic:  bundling up all snug for class, warm little drinks and a term full of more memories to make.  

However, the flip side of winter is the cold, gloomy and at times, even dangerous.

Samantha Bartshe, a second-year transfer student at OSU majoring in electrical engineering, felt confident about the term but shared her unease about the weather.

“Honestly, like the weather sometimes it gets kind of depressing out there,” Bartshe said. “So just kind of getting through that.” 

With short winter days and long cold winter nights, it may be hard to find the motivation to leave the warmth of the indoors, much less the warmth of your bed. 

I mean let’s face it, who hasn’t stayed in bed for hours after waking up, just because of how warm and cozy our bed is as opposed to the icy wonderland outside?

But the academic year still goes on, and with this enticement, it may seem easy to fall into patterns of procrastination and academic anxiety.

To help resist going into these patterns, second-year animal science major, Olivia Triola, suggested keeping track of all your assignments for the term.  

“Write down all your assignments for the whole term and cross them off as you do them,” Triola said. “(That’s) literally the only reason why I pass my classes.”

Third-year microbiology major Maddy Persing shared her thoughts on how to keep up with academic expectations amidst the winter term.

“The weather’s a bit of a downer,” Persing said. “But it makes for good studying.”

Persing found that the winter aesthetic, mixed with changing the environment she was in from time to time, helped her study habits. Going to places like the Memorial Union or Valley Library can help get the studious juices flowing and remove the temptation of procrastination. Especially  knowing the faster you finish your work, the earlier you can go back to the coziness of your personal space.

Regardless of frigid temperatures, sometimes all you need is the extra push to get you out the door. 

University life is not simply about your academics. For many, it is the in-person connection and experience that makes school in the winter term all the more fun.

“Try to find good people to surround yourself with to get you through the harder academics or seasonal depression that comes with winter term,” Persing said. 

In addition to surrounding themselves with good people and positive warm vibes this winter season, OSU students acknowledge the importance of self-care.

Bartshe commented on general activities she partakes in to restore her energy and find motivation. 

“Just getting enough sleep, exercising, taking care of myself and making sure I’m not procrastinating on my work and stuff,” Barshe said.

With the weight of academic pressure, third-year accounting major Ciera Johnson reminded students to “stay warm, and remember it’s okay to treat yourself.”

Now, depending on the person, treating yourself can look like a multitude of things and there is no wrong or right way to relax and recharge.

One such way is dabbling in creative outlets. In many cases it is a lot more fulfilling, not just to absorb media but to take part in creating it.

Persings’ creative outlet includes doing pottery at OSU’s Craft Center. 

“I think it’s good to have a hobby that’s not part of school and do something that you actually enjoy for a little bit every day,” Persing said.

Doing something artistic can be helpful regarding mental health: Getting the creative juices flowing and steering away from endless social media scrolls.

For Burroughs, treating herself looks like going on walks when the weather permits it. 

“Even if it’s kind of rainy, just getting outside is good,” Burroughs said.

However, let’s be honest, in this weather sometimes the best treat to yourself is staying in a cozier ambiance.

“I do find myself watching movies a lot and having movie nights,” Burroughs said. “Which isn’t really getting out of the house at all, but it’s still something to do.” 

With winter term comes both the dazzling aesthetic of winter and unbearable winter weather.  

“The sun does come out, I never believe it’s gonna come back again and then it comes,” Persing said. “The sun will come back, like Annie.” 

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