Exner: Rain or Shine, Eat Local and Go Out to Dine

Decorated tables underneath The Brass Monkey’s awning for customers looking to grab a bite or drink away from the rain.

Whether you’re trying to plan a fun date night or an excuse to get out of the house with your roommates, we’ve got you covered with where to eat – or drink. 

With COVID in the picture, there is a lot of uncertainty with what restaurants are open in town and which of them aren’t. Rain or shine, eat local and go out to dine! 

I am no expertise in restaurants, nor am I anywhere close to being a food critic. I am, however, an old trustee of Corvallis. I am a fourth year, meaning that I have walked the streets of Corvallis long enough to find my go-to places to eat. Thankfully, most of my favorite restaurants are still open, and they are desperate for hungry Corvallis locals like yourself. 

Let’s start with the restaurants on Monroe. Here we have Lupe’s, Downward Dog – Campus and McMenamins on Monroe. What used to be an infamous night club, Lupe’s has now transformed into a suave outdoor eatery. With both drinks and plates that will blow you away, Lupe’s is the new place to be during any night or day. 

Downward Dog has not had to change much to comply with the new guidelines for staying open. There is still outdoor dining, and still the place to go for a good time. Next time you find yourself here, try the Buffalo Chicken Wrap and of course their daily drink special. I promise neither will disappoint. 

Lastly on Monroe, there’s McMenamins. Erase any prior knowledge you have about the ambiance of McMenamins. They took the concept of outdoor dining, and made an even better dining experience than before. Grab your partner, or some friends, and enjoy some drinks and appetizers around a relaxing fire pit underneath trees engulfed in string lights.     

Brass Monkey is a fun and spunky restaurant located downtown Corvallis. With delicious cocktails and even better entrees, you’ll find yourself falling in love with this place one bite – and sip- at a time. Once you’re done at Brass Monkey, take a walk around the corner and you will bump into Treebeerd’s Taphouse. The lights and big outdoor seating right outside the taphouse will draw you in, but the ciders and beers are what will make you stay.     

Last, but certainly not least, take a drive through southtown, and find 4 Spirits Distillery. If you have not already been here, you are definitely missing out. Not only would I consider this one of my favorite restaurants in Corvallis, but probably top five all time favorites. Their moscow mules are the best I have ever tasted, and every single meal there is the best tasting thing I have ever had. It is also the perfect escape from reality, out in the country with an open field right outfront that is perfect to watch the sunset.  

While these are not the only restaurants open in town, these are some of the very best in my book. Like I said earlier, I am no food critic, but take an old seniors word and try out these amazing restaurants. Support Corvallis, and eat locally.


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