Desktop organization offers “fresh, neat start”

Corvallis resident, Joseph Brooks, logs online for the day in his sunroom to get some work done. Joseph prefers bringing his desk outside in the sunroom to be surrounded by his plants.

It is week three of fall term. Summer has just ended and the real world is starting to set in. All new classes, all new workload, and a whole lot of assignments starting to pile up. 

With COVID-19 being in the picture now, a desk is no longer a place where you sit and do your homework. It is a lifeline. Computers and calendars and sticky notes are starting to scatter everywhere, and it is maybe even starting to look more like a trash bin rather than a desk. 

Every student has a different way of organizing their to-do’s. Some may be better than others, but whether someone is an expert at organizing or not, everyone can perfect their organizational skills. 


“Honestly there’s not too much I need to work with, but having my laptop, coffee, and plants in the general area keep me on track!” – Joseph Brooks 


“I am the most focused and productive when surrounded by plants in my outdoor office that we call the Annex.” – Jade Webster 


“Straightforward organization in my workspace is a way for me to feel as though I can efficiently work through a track, assignment, or other task without losing focus. 

I have a comfortable chair set to a height that keeps my elbows at 90 degrees to my desk with proper posture, with my laptop and MIDI keyboard at my fingertips and a secondary monitor at eye level above and behind the laptop, along with my production speakers at ear level on both sides of the desk pointing toward me for optimal acoustics. 

I can keep work, music production, and schoolwork in separate spaces, which allows me to stay organized and get my work done with speed and efficiency.

If you ever feel like you’re consistently being distracted by one or two aspects of your workspace, try a reorganization or even just moving your furniture around a bit and redecorating. The feeling of a fresh, neat start will have you back to the grindstone in no time.” – Khal Sievert

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