How to Stay Sane During Social Distancing

Zoë Sandvigen

These are definitely trying times for everyone. Between the emotional flux of worry and isolation, social stratification from the closure of businesses and distancing being implemented by the government, challenge is an understatement. 

As everyone is forced to adjust to new life lived from the comfort of home, keeping your sanity may come into question. We aren’t used to being locked inside all day. All the sudden going out to run miscellaneous errands sounds like a luxury. Keeping sane and productive during social distancing is not only beneficial for your professional development and academic success, but to ensure mental stability.

Whatever your habits are, now is the time to practice them. Oscar Gayet, a Oregon State University graduate, has found a unique way to pass along his free time. On the weekends Gayet hosts Instagram Live stories of his own DJ sets. In his own words, Gayet uses “LED’s, lasers and a rice cooker” to enhance his DJ experience. 

His shows range from a variety of genres from “hardstyle headbangers” to “trance”. For Gayet, this is how he stays connected to his friends while keeping his sanity in a creative way. If you don’t have extensive DJ skills under your belt, try some of our workouts, productive tips and various other activities anyone can try from home.

Evie May, a third year computer science major, has taken on a new hobby that benefits her sanity and her stomach. Recently, she has started baking her own homemade break. Having completed a successful focaccia, a flat oven baked Italian bread, she was hooked. After overcoming her search for yeast, which had been sold out due to COVID-19 panic buying, she’s back at it. May’s most recent project has been sourdough bread, which was another yummy success!

Similar to May, Kendra Braun, third year nutrition major, has turned to cooking as a new pastime. In simple terms Braun described her quarantine as, “lots of facetiming with friends and finding new things to bake and cook”. Maybe we could all try facetiming our friends and family while trying to cook together? The possibilities are endless.

Cooking can be a great way to keep yourself busy while making sure you’re eating good, healthy meals.Try out some of our quarantine cuisines from microwavable breakfast snacks, baked goods and easy to make spin-offs from our favorite restaurants. To nourish the mind you must nourish the body. Stay well out there by staying busy and sane!


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