Quarantine Cuisine: Making the best of what’s in the fridge

Zoe Sandvigen

There are many ways to make healthy meals using everyday ingredients that are common in your fridge and cupboards. Sometimes when staring blankly at the shelves of your refrigerator, nothing looks edible. 

Only by shifting through the random ingredients and being motivated to make something of it can you realize the endless potential. I tried this experiment using just my fridge contents and no other preparation. I pulled out the ingredients I thought could go together and just started cooking. 

If you can’t seem to pull something together, try using this website. You enter in the food you have and it will generate ideas of meals you can make. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that starting with really basic ingredients for your base, such as beans and rice in my case, you can build on top of it until your meal resembles something a bit more balanced and flavorful. Things like avocado, salsa, soy sauce and olive oil can transform your meal from blah to beautiful without adding unnecessary unhealthy additives. 

When in doubt, add greens! Veggies can be a satisfying meal in itself. Making a big salad, or steaming vegetables over a bed of rice is more than suffice for a snack or healthy dinner.  As I mention in my video, try to avoid pre-salted foods. These can make you dehydrated as well as add unwanted calories. Play around with different spices and seasonings that can change the flavor entirely. 

Quarantine is giving everyone a lot more time at home, and for most people, more free time in general. Enjoy working remotely and watching classes in bed via zoom that give you more time to experiment with food alone, with a partner or close family. It’s always good to make something healthy, but if lettuce, avocado and quinoa aren’t available, go crazy! Nothing wrong with indulging in a few fun calories during these uncertain times. A pound of two isn’t going to kill you. 

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