Quarantine Workouts

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Janus Houchen

Spring is always a time for change, and spring term 2020 might be the largest shift in campus history. With classes moving online and people moving back home, it can feel overwhelming to have to rehaul your exercise regime on top of everything. Even for those of us who don’t hit the gym, not walking to class every day can make a big impact on your overall fitness. Fortunately, whether you’re a bodybuilder or a beginner, it’s never been easier to start a home-fitness journey. Here are some things tips to help you along the way:

Start training at home

Dixon Rec Center and its ever-popular Zumba classes might be closed, but there are still plenty of ways to feel the burn at home. OSU Group Fitness is planning to run plenty of classes, challenges, and training workouts for you to follow along at home. And don’t worry if you don’t have expensive barbells and bands. Plenty of resources, like the Nike Training Club, have made their catalogues of body weight workouts free during the stay-home order. Just be considerate of your downstairs neighbors— they might not appreciate your 11pm jumping jacks. 

Escape for a run

Staying in an apartment all day, chances are you’re not getting many steps in. To make up for it, try heading on a simple run in the afternoon. The change of scenery and fresh air can do wonders for your mental health, alleviating the feeling of being ”trapped” in a room. And in the Oregon Governor’s last executive order — the one ordering people to stay inside — there is a specific exception for people going out for a recreational run. Just make sure you stay six feet away as you sprint past pedestrians.

Stretch it out

One big change you’ll notice working from home is how much time you spend sitting. Without walking class to class, it can be easy to cramp up hunched over a desk all day. So even if you’re someone like me who can’t touch your toes, Yoga is a fantastic practice to de-stress your body. With plenty of resources online and apps like Down Dog, it’s easy to take a 10 minute break to stretch and recuperate between Zoom lectures. 

Grab a workout buddy

As a broke college student, chances are you have a roommate. If you’re still speaking with them two weeks into quarantine, they can be a great workout buddy. Scheduling a time for you to exercise together can help you maintain a schedule and have someone else hold you to it. And if you’re already sharing germs, it doesn’t much matter if you sweat on each other. 

Remember to check your expectations

Above all else, it is important to remember to manage your expectations. Right now is a very stressful time, and trying to get beach body ready during a global pandemic shouldn’t be an additional stressor. Exercise can be a great tool for feeling healthy when you’ve been hunched over a desk, but it is just that: a tool. You can incorporate running, yoga, or high-intensity training as a way to feel better, but no one will fault you if you cope with quarantine by cozying up under blankets and reading instead. 

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