Surviving Halloweekend (opinion)


Eva Brattain

If you’re going out to a party to celebrate Halloween this year, then you’ve come to the right place, especially those of you who haven’t experienced a Corvallis Halloweekend yet. I’ll be going over some of the things I’ve learned as a student here at Oregon State University that have kept me safe, and hopefully they will keep you safe, too!

Don’t get me wrong, Halloweekend can be really fun. Ask anyone. But it can also be a nightmare, so here I am trying to give you some tips so you can make your Halloweekend more like a comedy instead of a horror movie. Those movies are for watching, not for actually living. If you plan on partying, that’s great! If you don’t plan on going out, that’s great too! Lesson number one is to do whatever will be the most comfortable for you. There is no pressure to do something you don’t want to partake in. 

One thing I’ve learned for Halloweekend is to only wear clothing that can get dirty. If you’re going to a party, there’s a good chance you’re going to smell like beer and sweat afterwards while your shoes are covered in mud. Don’t make the mistake of wearing 5-inch bedazzled heels that’ll sink an inch into the dirt. Take your pictures and then change into your comfy shoes. Future you will thank current you for that, because otherwise you might end up carrying your high heels and walking barefoot around Corvallis as your blistered feet go numb. But hey, on the bright side, if your feet are numb you won’t feel yourself stepping on tiny rocks that hurt almost as much as LEGOs! Still, I definitely recommend trying to avoid getting to that point in the first place.

Oh and also use protection. Y’all know what I mean. Plain and simple. Catching something makes Halloween far spookier. This is also just a good rule for life in general. 

Don’t bring anything you’re afraid of losing! That means don’t bring that one jacket you love that used to belong to your grandpa. Don’t bring your Hydroflask covered in all your favorite stickers. It could easily get lost in the abyss of college students. Chances are that if you forget something in a basement of a party, it won’t be there in the morning.

Take care of yourself physically! Drink lots of water, take Emergen-C, get some sleep, and eat decent food. It’s okay to rest if that’s what your body is telling you to do. A good rule of thumb is to always listen to your body. If something hurts, if you feel sick, or if your gut tells you you’re in a bad situation, then listen and don’t push yourself.

Go with friends and stay with them. Don’t walk alone or ditch the group you went to a party with. My rule is to leave a place with the same people you go with to make sure nobody gets left behind. I may be biased, but this rule really isn’t a bad idea at all. If you think your friends might ditch you, then you might want to go with different people. Your safety matters and so does theirs. 

Again, don’t be alone. I can’t stress this enough. You probably know what could happen if you’re at a party all by yourself, especially if you’re intoxicated. Call a SafeRide if you need a ride home, or call a sober friend to come pick you up. Maybe walk home in a group of safe friends. Please don’t walk home alone. Please don’t go to a party all alone either. Please just don’t be alone. Sticking with people you trust is the best way to avoid any mishaps.

Lastly, don’t push your limits! There’s a fine line between having fun at a party and throwing up on the side of a road while all your friends are nowhere to be seen. I think we can all agree that blacking out probably isn’t a great idea. You won’t even remember what happened, let alone if you had fun or not. Maybe you’ll accidentally text some tinder match your social security number. Or you’ll drunk-call your ex and profess your undying love for them. Or you’ll say something really harsh to your grandma (that’s just mean). Either way, please use your common sense to not make choices you’re going to regret a day, a week, or a decade from now. We all just want to have a good time AND a long time.  


Let’s go over one last time.

-Only do things you are completely comfortable with 

-Wear comfy clothes that can get dirty 

-Use protection

-Don’t bring things you wouldn’t mind losing 

-Listen to your body and don’t hurt yourself 

-Don’t go alone

-Don’t push your limits

Following these rules will help you and your friends have a safe and fun time. So go get those costumes ready, because Halloweekend is here! 


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