Fall Intramural Sports offer community, stress relief

Mr. Wheel Your Girl and Lambda Wheelchair A2 battled for the 2017 OSU recreational sports intramural championship this fall.

Kate Brown

Each term, there are intramural sports that anyone who is interested in being active can participate in. What are intramural sports?

“Intramurals are sports run within the walls of the university and the teams are comprised of OSU students, staff and faculty. It’s a great way for our OSU community to have a way to meet new people who share an interest in sports and find ways to destress and stay healthy through physical activity,” said Jill Wells, the Administrative Program Assistant of Sports Programs.

This year, Sports Programs, the office that manages intramural sports and sports clubs, are switching to an online system to help manage all of the sports leagues and events that they offer. Participants can use their ONID login information to register a team here. To join an IM sport, you need to purchase an IM pass, which is good for one term and gives you unlimited access to sports. The $20 pass gives you access to IM events and tournaments throughout the term.

For fall term, IM sports is offering a range of leagues to join. You can join volleyball, flag football, wheelchair basketball, 4v4 soccer, bowling and/or ultimate disc. There are also many tournaments and events, including spikeball, a 5k fun run/walk, cornhole, dodgeball and more. You can see the full list of tournaments and events, along with more information about teams and passes on their website at Oregon State Intramural Sports.

If you are looking for a way to destress and get involved, consider looking into joining an IM sports league or attending on of their tournaments or events.

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