DIY Mother’s Day Gift

Kate Brown

These adorable plant pots will make your momma smile! Follow these easy steps and you’ll have the perfect gift for your mom on Mother’s Day!

 Materials Needed:

  • 2 terracotta pots

  • 2 pot saucers

  • 2 succulents

  • Potting soil

  • White matte acrylic paint

  • Black puffy paint

  • 2 acrylic paints (your choice of color)

  • Mod Podge

  • Paint brushes


1. Paint a base coat of white acrylic paint on each plant pot and both saucers. Let the first layer dry. Repeat process and paint as many layers as necessary to get the desired opaqueness. It will most likely take about three coats of paint.

2. Once the paint is fully dry, paint each saucer the desired color. Let dry between each coat. The color took about three coats on top of the white to be fully opaque.

3. When your plant pots are dry, you can use the puff paint to paint on the faces.

For the sleeping face:

1. Paint two half circles a couple centimeters apart. Add on the lashes by painting small lines off of the half circles.

2. Paint a smaller half circle further down from the eyes for the mouth.

 For the heart face:

1. Paint two medium sized heart eyes a couple centimeters apart.

 2. Paint a half circle further down from the eyes and fill it in to create the mouth.

4. Leave the pots and saucers to dry completely overnight.

5. Paint on a decent layer of Mod Podge onto both the pots and the saucers. Be sure to focus a lot on the faces so that they won’t peel off.

6. Once the Mod Podge is completely dry, you can plant the plants! Simply put soil in the pot, gently remove the succulents from their pots, and replant them in their new home. Pack soil around the top so they’re nice and snug.

Don’t forget to water them! The easiest way to water succulents is by using a spray bottle. You can even give one to your mom with the plants so they can live a long time!

Now you have a cute gift to give to your mom for Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to get or make her a card too!

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