Holiday D.I.Y.

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Holly Giering

Alright ladies and gentlemen of Oregon State University, we’ve made it through the past 10 weeks. It may have taken a meltdown or five, but we all know you’ve persevered and #sleighed Fall Term 2k17. All that’s left to do it #sleigh finals next week and then WINTER BREAK!

So as you all head into dead week and finals week, BD is sure you’ll need a study break eventually… So here’s a super easy and fun holiday D.I.Y. that can help your mind relax after all that studying. Here’s how to make some cute holiday jars!


First, all you’ll need is some printer paper, two mason jars, modge podge, ribbon, and of course the paint colors of your choice.


Next, take the printer paper and pick two holiday themed images you’d like to paint. We went with a bell and a reindeer. Then paint them in whatever color your heart desires.


Third, wait until the painted paper pictures dry, then take your mason jars and paint them with modge podge, lay the painted pictures on top and put a coat of modge podge on top.


Last, type a ribbon around the top of the jars and BOOM! You have some fun, multipurpose holiday mason jars. You can put a little tea candle and help create some ambiance in your space, use them as simple decorations, or fill them with some holiday candies!


Happy Holidays, Beaver Nation! Happy finals week and have a holly jolly winter break!


Photography by Holly Giering

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