10 Study Break Ideas

Brittany Bell

It’s that time of year again where finals are fast approaching and winter break is in sight. Over the next few weeks, there will be a lot of late nights, library visits, and cramming of studying and preparing for upcoming exams. As much as studying is important, taking breaks is also important because your mind and body need a break sometimes. According to an article called The Science of Taking a Break, by OnlineSchools.org, “While many believe cram sessions and all-night study groups will ultimately help them earn their college degree, the fact is that not taking regular breaks can lead to a significant decrease in academic performance and, in some cases, serious health concerns, like anxiety, insomnia, and depression” (The Science of Taking a Break, OnlineSchools.org). Save yourself from the all-nighters and long cram sessions by taking breaks that will help you reboot for achieving productivity in your studying sessions. Listed below are ten study break ideas that are worth trying to keep your mind and body well. 

Mindful Movement 

Yoga and meditation are great ways to relieve stress and to better help your focus. Meditation has been studied extensively for its focus-enhancing and brain-boosting benefits. Mindfulness meditation, focusing on one point (like breathing), is also associated with reduced stress and anxiety. Practicing yoga for 20 minutes can also help improve brain function.

Physical Activity 

Going on a walk, a hike, or even going to the gym are all great ways of taking your mind off of studying. There are many benefits of working out including improving mood and sleep as well as reducing stress and anxiety. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the gym, you can always workout wherever you are and do as much as you like. 

Get Creative 

Get creative by doing DIY projects, coloring, drawing, painting, sculpting, or even photography. All of these activities are relaxing and fun ways to lower stress levels and leave you feeling both mentally clear and calm. 

Cooking and Baking

Cooking or baking something is another great way to take your mind off of studying. According to research, baking has been found to have therapeutic value that helps ease depression and anxiety. In the past few years, psychologists have started exploring culinary therapy due to the fact that positive emotions can come from cooking and baking.  

Pamper Yourself

It’s always easy to forget to treat yourself during finals season, but with so much to remember and keep up with for school, it is also important to make time to pamper yourself. This is a study break where you can do whatever you want to make yourself feel better and to feel refreshed. From hot bubble baths, to playing that new video game and whatever else you want to do to treat yourself is the perfect way to relax from studying. 

Hang out with Friends

Get together with your friends and go out for a fun night of food and drinks. This is a great way to catch up with your friends and to let loose and not think about all the studying that you have to do. 

Go see a Movie

Change the scenery of your surroundings and go see a new movie out at the movie theaters. Bring your friends and enjoy the time away from your books!

Start Watching a new Show

Netflix and Hulu can be great breaks from studying, but make sure you have the self control to not watch three seasons in a row! 

Pet an Animal 

Visit our local humane society and pet all the dogs and cats! Studies show that interactions with a canine companion can help lower blood pressure and also help ease depression. 

Clean and Organize  

A clean workspace is a happy workspace. Cleaning up a small area can give you a much needed study break and can lead to a more positive mindset. If you feel like you have been productive you are more likely to remain productive. An organized space makes you feel like you are in control and it can also limit distractions. 

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