Week Two Described in a Series of GIFs

Adair Passey

It’s the end of week two and the folks here at BD hope you are all thriving! Here is week two feelings described in a series of GIFs.

Dear White People

When it’s week two yet you had two quizzes this week and have a “midterm” on Monday. Week three is NOT the middle of the term, but okay. Stress eating some nuggets (or veggie nuggets, whatever you prefer) is always a good coping mechanism. Eat those nuggets.

New Girl

Feels after you absolutely CRUSH those quizzes and “midterms.” Keep crushin’ it, Beavs.

Bojack Horseman

When it’s only week two and you’re already losing motivation to stick to your new-school-year-workout-routine. Exercise is HARD.

Rick and Morty

But hey, don’t be too hard on yourself. Make sure to get enough sleep, drink lots of water, and workout when you can. We have faith in your new-school-year-workout-routine.

Parks and Rec

Give yourself a pep talk because YOU CAN DO THIS. You can balance school, work, friends, family, and exercise. You’ve only got eight weeks to go! Always remember, you are a powerful musk ox. 

All GIFs from Giphy.com

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